Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Video: Mr. Criminal- I Know You Like It

Mr. Criminal is Brining Back The "Love Letters" Series With Part 2 Of The Series. This Album Will Include All New Songs But One That Was Already Released In A Previous Album. If You Got The First "Love Letters" Then You Should Go And get This One As well. So Heres A Music Video Off The Album Called "I Know You Like It" Will Be Out April 6th, 2010.

1. Intro
2. I Know You Like It
3. I Need A Girl
4. I'm In A Trance
5. Sweet Lady
6. Love Letters 2
7. My, My, Tonight
8. A Letter
9. I Will Always Ride
10. Love You Tonight
11. Inside
12. Baby This Is For You (Ft. C-Los)
13. Just Me And You
14. Outro
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