Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Video: Lil Cuete - So You Wanna Be A Gangsta

Heres Lil Cuete's Newest Music Video For His Song "So You Wanna Be A Gangsta" Off His New Album "The One And Only"

Lil Cuete's Last Album Under East Side Records Finally!! His New Album "The One And Only" Is Out On The Streets Now!!! Will Be On Itunes & Other Digital Stores May 4th, 2010 And In Stores July 15th, 2010. So Be Sure To Pick it Up & Support The Artist!!!

1. Intro
2. So You Wanna Be A Gangsta
3. Interlude
4. Hold My Own
5. Just Can't Phase Me
6. I Love You
7. The Walk
8. Need You 'Round (Missing You) (Ft. Ms. V)
9. Baby I Got You
10. Personal
11. Stoned With Your Love
12. Come An Get Some
13. Down 4 You (Ft. Damon Reel)
14. Spend Some Time (Ft. Damon Reel)
15.Fuck With Me
16. 90650
17. Late Night Visit
18. Alone With Her
19. So Into You (Ft. Warner Brown)
20. My Baby Boy
21. Outro
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