Sunday, April 11, 2010

News: Midget Loco Presents - Steel Banging Musick - Death Of Studio Gangsters

Midget Loco Presents "Steel Banging Musick - Death Of Studio Gangsters" Will Be Released On April 20th, 2010. Will Feature All Members Of Steel Banging Musick: Toro Loco, Midget Loco, Shady Boy, Young Brown & Many More. Be Sure To Get It When it Comes Out!!!

1. Intro
2. Death of Studio Gangsters
3. We Gonna Ride (feat. Spanky Loco, Young Brown, Bam Bam R.I.P & Stomper)
4. You Get No Love (feat. Toro & Young Brown)
5. We Keep It Secret (feat. Young Brown, Toro, & Rip Bams)
6. P's Up (feat. Stomper Troub Nasty)
7. Real Gangsters Never Die (feat. Toro & Stomper)
8. We Stay Strapped (feat. Toro & Young Brown)
9. Slip Slip Ride (feat. Toro, Young Brown, & Shady Boy)
10. Gangster Girl (feat. Toro, Young Brown, & Cricks)
11. Creep With Me (feat. Troub Nasty)
12. Welcome to the Show (feat. Toro, Young Brown, Bam Bam R.I.P, G'D Up Gangsters, Cricks)
13. Where You from Esse (feat. Lil Yogi & Shady Boy)
14. We Wont Stop (feat. Toro, Young Brown)
15. Wicked Wicked (feat. Troub Nasty, Toro, Young Brown)
16. Soy Pandillero (feat. Toro & G-Boy)
17. Steel Banging on the Block (feat. Toro)
18. Outro (feat. Tripper Loco)

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