Monday, April 12, 2010

News: Mr. Blue Presents - Centro Side Riders 1

Heres A New Release In 2010 By Centro Side Records Called "Mr. Blue presents Centro Side Riders 1" out Aprith 20th, 2010. Featuring All The Centro Side Riders Including Mr. Blue, Loco Sniper, Lil Evil, Wicked One, The Creeper & Many More. This Album Will Be Nothing But Sick Gangster Shit To Bump!!! So Be Sure To Pick it Up On 4/20!!!!! To Download Snippets Click Here Or Listen Here.

1. Intro - MR. BLUE
2. 5150 Sisk In The Head (Featuring MR. BLUE, LIL CREEPER, WICKED ONE)
3. Street Affiliated (Featuring THE CREEPER, PRECISE, MR.BLUE)
4. You Will Die (Featuring MR.BLUE, L-BOY, THE CREEPER)
5. Ballad Of Violence - PRECISE
6. You Can’t Test The Centro (Featuring LOCO SNIPER, SWIFTY, THE CREEPER)
7. Click Bang (Featuring WICKED ONE, MR.BLUE, THE CREEPER)
8. This IS How Us Devils Ride (Featuring LIL EVIL, MR.BLUE, LOCO SNIPER)
9. Sudden Death (Featuring PRECISE, THE CREEPER, MR.BLUE)
10. I'm A Rider Ese (Featuring MR.BLUE, LAZY MENACE, BLUNTED ONE)
11. Where I'm From (Featuring SWIFTY, MR.BLUE)
12. Rep For The Brown - LAZY MENACE
13. Centro Side Roll Call (Featuring the CENTRO SIDE RIDERS)
14. Everybody Hit The Floor (Featuring THE CREEPER, MR.BLUE, LOCO SNIPER)
15. Caught Up N The Fast Life (Featuring THE CREEPER, MR.BLUE)
16. I'm Loving This (Featuring MR.BLUE, THE CREEPER, LAZY MENACE)
17. Locked Down (Featuring WICKED ONE, DJ TOKS)
18. Come Out And Play - PRECISE
19. Stop Hating (Featuring LOCO SNIPER, MR.BLUE)
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