Friday, July 9, 2010

Video: Lil Yogi (Y-Be) - Welcome To My Life

Murdersquad Ent. Presents Their Most Succesful Rapper "Lil Yogi" In His Newest Solo Album Following "True Storyz" Called "Welcome To My Life" Album Will Feature Mr. Criminal, Sicc 2 Sicc Gangsters, Midget Loco, Havoc (S.C.C), Kokane, Mr. Cricket, Alley Kat, Skandle Oso. Lil Yogi- End The Beef (Ft. Mr. Criminal, Sicc 2 Sicc G'z) And Lil Yogi- Westcoastin (Ft. Kokane) Will Be Released On This Album. Will Be Released Late 2010. So Make Sure To Check This Shit Out!!

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