Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mixtape: Mr. Loon3, HitterCXC & 187Inc Present The Interstate Mixtape Vol. 1

Today "The Interstate Mixtape Vol. 1" Just Got Released! Featuring Artists From Different Areas Like Jigg (Miami), Stomper Of Soldier Ink, Big Joe, Mr. LoOn3, Krome, Mr. Triggs (Los Angeles), Zoom AKA Brazy, Rocky ASAP, (New York) & Many More. Check It Out!

Click The Cover Or Click Here To Download.
Mr. Loon3, HitterCXC & 187Inc Present The Interstate Mixtape Volume 1

1. Jigg(Miami) - Rockin Wit
2. Stik Figa(Kansas City) - Dirty South
3. Zoom AKA Brazy(New York) - Brazy(Produced By Pay Homage)
4. Catch Wreck(Boston) - Too Hot(Produced By Loon3)
5. Travieso(Inland Empire) - Its Official
6. Rocky ASAP(New York) - Bittersweet Symphony
7. H2 HardHeadz (C.W. , Young Shaad, & A.R.)(San Fransisco) - Kissing You
8. Da Block(Los Angeles) - This Is DF
9. Trav(Kansas City) - There For You
10. FatkidsBrotha(Atlanta) - Dope since '88
11. Triggs, Krome and Mr. LOOn3(Los Angeles) - You Aint Ready
12. TroubleMaker(Pittsburgh) - Last Hope
13. Zoom AKA Brazy(New York) - La La La(Produced By G-14 Beats)
14. Krome(Los Angeles) - Im A Balla
15. Big Joe(Los Angeles) Stomper(Los angeles) & OTO(Boston) - Thrown It All Away(Produced By loon3)

Below Is a Snippet Of "Thrown It All Away" Produced By Mr. LoOn3 By Big Joe, Stomper & OTO.
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