Monday, March 14, 2011

Lyrics: Conejo - L.A. Goes Hard

Lyrics: Conejo - L.A. Goes HardLyrics For Conejo's "L.A. Goes Hard" Off "I Am Legend" Mixtape.

This L.A. Muthafuckers
We Go Hard (Know What I'm Sayin'?)
Name One Muthafucker From L.A. That Don't
And I'll Take Em' Out My Damn Self
Musica Assesina
This History In The Making
Conejo Notorious Enemy/Felony Case Entertainment
I Am Legend

Verse 1:
I Rock Mics
I'm The Commander And Chief
And Everybody Know My Fucking Name In The Streets
I Greet Em' Dawg
With The Fucking Sweepa
Brrraaa Brrraaa Brrraaa
My Cell Is A Sleepa
I Keep Wifey Close
She A Desert Eagle
I Stash Her In The Regal
She a Paralegal
Retrieval Of Everything That's Mine
You Hoeing Ass Fools
Where The Fucks Your Mind?
Strap Clappa
It Is What It Is
I'm Good In The Hood
From The Dope Game Biz
I Stayed Up Loco
And To Sum It All Up
I Took Her To The Side
Got The Lean In My Cup
When I Breath On A Track
The Building Collapse
Thug Life Muthafucka
Rest All In My Raps
Peel Caps
Tell Your Time Is Elapsed
On Some Shit from Outta Space
With The Earth Impacts
Following My Steps
Get Your Dodger Fitted
Mixed The Coca With The Soda
Snuff a Rival You Wit It
The World Play Tuff
Snitches Made Me Hot
Got The Slugs In The Shotty
Situation Get Ruff
Ay Yo, I'm Fucking Colossal
Compared To A Harpy You're A Fucking Impostor
I Clown And I'm A Ski-Mask Boy
An Exception To The Rule
Cause I Seek And Destroy
Mexican Power
I Brung It Back
Proper Dos Plus One
This A West Coast Throwback
Roll That
I'm Talking Bout The Spinach
MuthaFucka Break Records
World Book Of Guinness
I'm A Menace
To Society Holmes
And I'm Slippin With A 50 At The Public Phones
Come And Get Me
If You Feeling Brave
Ese I'm The Real Deal
Ask Crazy Dave
Cause Bitch I'm The Mayor
Ese Break A Busta Down
With A Cold Ass Stare
Or The Glare From The Locs
Or The Hundred Spokes
I'm From The West Side Of Town
Where The H Got The Crown
So Pass Me A Smoke
Than Pass Me Beer
While I Take A Fucking Pase
All The Shit Right Here

Outro: (Hector Lavoe - Todo Tiene Su Final)
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