Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lyrics: Conejo - C-Loco Pulled Up

Lyrics For Conejo's "C-Loco Pulled Up" From His "The Bootlegs Vol. 2" Album.

I'm Back
This Scarface 2 Homie
Notorious Enemy
DJ Payback
Let's Jump This Off

C - Loco Pulled Up
Like The Medellin
With Them White Square Girls (Cocaine)
On The Fucken Team
The Citys Vicious (L.A.)
So Go And Get Your Biscuits
High Powered Brownings
Custom Pistol Gripped Them
Pablo Flipped Em (Escobar)
And South Central Whipped Em
This The Gang Capitol
That Made The Country A Victim
We Inflict Em
Remain Nameless
Advisories Wanna Swoop
But They Exit Brainless
Cause From Marilyn Monroe
To Ana Nicole
You Bitches Say A Word
Then You Gots To Go
You Step Out Your Door
And That's A Fucken Risk
Got Indicted On Some Charges
That Ain't Gonna Stick
The 4 Pounder (45)
Found Under The Seat
Got Some Mobbed Up Lawyers
That'll Argue The Piece
Long Awaited Release
I'm A Tactical Rifle
Wanna Grapple With A Sniper
Rambo Knife Your Life
Found Dope In His Blood
Must Of Meant His Kidnappers
Injected The Drug
He Opened His Mug
And Planted A Bug
Muthafucker Stepped Up
He No Longer With Us (Rest In Piss)
Young Trukos
Its A Covert Op.
And You Like Vlad Thee Impaler
On The Fucken Block
In Some All Blue Chucks
This Is Why We Bang
Hold Down Territory
From The Park To The Ave (Hoover Park To 5th Ave)
I Caught Em Snoozing
Up On M.L.K.
Not James Earl Ray
Or John Wayne Gacy
More Like A Gracie (Jujitsu)
No Submission Can Cage Me
Leave Your Ass Smoked Out
Half A Ton Of That A.Z.
Vatos Hate Me
I'm On Some Belly Shit
That Baby Face Nelson
Machine Gun Kelly Shit
No Propaganda
You In Amityville
Ese Looking Out Your Window
Why Your World Stay Still

Ese Looking Out Your Window
Why Your World Stay Still
Ese Looking Out Your Window
Why Your World Stay Still
Know Am Sayin
This Big C Loco
Varrio HPS
Notorious Enemy Records
Musica Asesina
That's Right Homie
DJ Payback
Yeah You Fuckers Already Know
Take A Motherfucker Back To Where It All Started
Las Calles
Yeah Come On
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