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Lyrics: Conejo - Keep This Shit Alive

Lyrics: Conejo - Keep This Shit Alive
Lyrics For Conejo's "Keep This Shit Alive" Song From His "The Bootlegs Vol. 3" Album.

Methamphetamine Is Engineered To Trick Your Brain
It Can Keep You Awake
Stop You from Eating
And Make You Feel Brave
The Japanese Invented Meth Nearly A Century Ago
But For Years It Was A Drug Without Much Purpose
Until The Ideal Opportunity Arose

I'm A Keep This Shit Alive
For As Long As I Can
I Owe It To The Streets
And All Of My Fans
And All Of The Gangs
And All Of The Pushers
Lyrics So Deep
And The Loop It Seduce You
If I Choose To
I Could Make You My Slave
From The X That I Gave
This Is Far From A Rave
This A Maze
The Yesca Leave You So Dazed
That If I Tell You Kill A Cop
You Gone Do As I Say
This L.A.
But Its A Gamble Like Vegas
Its A Endgame
So How Far Will It Take Us
Before It Break Us
Or Better Yet Break Them
Cause We Been Doing Dirt
Since Way Back Then
So Don't Pretend
You Ain't Knowing The Program
While Your Ass Get With It
I'm A Smoke Me A Gram
Cause I Can
This Shit Is Green & Sticky
No Stems No Seeds
Cause Muthafucker Be Picky
This The Path I Chose
To Dump On Foes
Fuck With The Snow
And Tax All My Hoes
I Spit Flows
Shots At Your Suicide Doors
To Hit The Fucken Driver
Ese Was My Goal
Thats How We Roll
So Give A Fuck Who Watching
Ese Black Asian White
We Could Get That Popping
Not Locking
But The Pits Is Locking
Consumers Tune In
And The Forums Is Talking
They Saying Rabbs
Thats A Fool For Real
And They Like What He Doing
With Out A Deal
I'm Gripping Steal
Out To Get Me A Mil
Plotting Many Capers
With My Boy On The Hill
If You Don't Know Him
You Don't Need To Know
Cause He A Cold Muthafucker
In The Dope Game Boy
Work Deployed
L.A. Chi N.Y.
AZ - Caine
And Them Pounds Of Ice

In World War 2
Troops On Both Sides Of The Line
Took Meth To Keep Fighting
Through Lack Of Sleep And Little Food
The Japanese Kamikaze Pilots Reportedly Used Meth
To Keep Them Stoked For Their Suicide Missions
But With Continued Use
The Drug Can Take A Violent Turn
It Breaks Down The Body And Mind
Making Many Users Paranoid
Even Psychotic
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