Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lyrics: Conejo - My Block

Conejo - My Block: 25-27-28-39-5th Ave
Lyrics For Conejo's "My Block" Song From His "Scarface 2" The Mixtape Hosted By Ernie G.

G Rabbit
Scarface 2
Know I'm Sayin
25-27-28-39-5th Ave
That's My Block

I'm In The 6-4 Tripping
With The Stainless Nickel
Muthafucker Fired Back
With A 22 Pistol
He Missed Though
And I'm A Contract Killer
So Every Shot That I Fired
I Know He Feel Em
Plus In Every Line There's Truth
Cause I Came From This
Homie Straight D-Boy
Amounts Of Work I Spit
Ice Bracelets
Look Like A Frozen Pond
Crime School Is Where I Learned
How To Profit From Wrong
Love Is Colder Than Death
Exclusive Right To Spit
Ese One False Move
And Its Street Politics
That Means My Boys Cant Eat
Then We Starving Together
Grand Chef In The Lab
Dope Beats Or Whatever
The Media Networks
Say A Road To Perdition
While The Cults Rule The World
Bloodhound Track The Mission
Wanted Gunner
A Cocaine Smuggler
I'm A Nuclear Attack
On Your H3 Hummer
And The Mind Frame Still
Of A Prison Term
But You Relate To The Struggle
And Thee Expensive Smoke
Im A Pro Getting Doe
Cook Meth - Whip Coke
Ese Vatos Get Froze
With My Scarface Flow
Shoot Em Up Bang Bang
Dog - Keep It So Gutter
Got Work On Your Set
Ese Like No Other
Solo Creep / Dodger Fitted
And His Ak With Em
Ese Dead Comrads
Place A Order He Kill Em
Shoe Box Full Of Cash
The Cheddar The Scrilla
I Build Clientele
Career Crook And A Dealer
But These Blood Clot Guns
Is What Keep Me Alive
And These Blood Clot Pills
Is What Keep Me So High
So Fuck Your Performance
Your Studio Recording
Enemys Cant Fade Me
And That's The End Of The Story
I'm Home From Jail
And Its About To Get Hot
Rugged Beats More Blunts
Cemetery Your Spot - On My Block
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