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Lyrics: Conejo - Stole My Sleep

Lyrics: Conejo - Stole My Sleep
Lyrics For Conejo's "Stole My Sleep" Song from His "The Bootlegs Vol. 3" Album.

Punk Ass Doctor
Tryin Tell Me I'm Suffering From Insomnia
Know I'm Sayin
A Motherfucker Can't Slip
Motherfucker Ain't Tryin Sleep
Know I'm Sayin
Let's Ride Homie

Enemies Get Hit
From The East To The West
Sniper With A Target
For Your Face And Your Chest
It's Time To Rest
In A Puddle Of Piss
Another Gang Hit
Going Down Like This
But Now I'm Getting Known
On The Streets 92
And For 2 Years Straight
We Killed Dudes From Your Crew
I Exit Vermont
They Tec-9'd The Ride
Out Of Control Skid Out
Hit My Boy On The Side
Now I'm Looking
Ese Over My Shoulder
Cause The Enemy Hood
Contain A Couple Of Soldiers
And The Race For Survival
Ain't Done Right Here
It's The One In The Crowd
With A Cold Ass Stare
I'm Exhausted
I Need A Getaway Spot
Somewhere Out Of State
To Collect My Thoughts
I'm Going Nowhere
Cause The City My Home
So Them Boys Gotta Die
For The Sleep They Stole
I Was Barely Knocking Out
When The House Phone Rang
Ese Meet Us In The Back
It Was My Robbery Gang
Ese 3 Phs (Primoheads)
That You Know So Well
The Connect Just Scored
And He Sit In A Tel.
Tell You What We Gonna Do
To Get That Ass
Will Send A Bitch Over
Then We'll Tax That Ass
Kicked In
The Muthafucken Jacking Begins
And Its Best That We Kill Em
Cause This Fools Plugged In
The Whole Shit Got Deeper
And Shit So Hot
Like I'm Running A Fever
His Peeps Touchdown
And They Mean Business
I'm So Doped Up
Didn't Notice The Witness
Saying That He Saw
Them Harpys Boys
Disappear From The Scene
With Whole Lot Of Snow
O - No!
Caught Up In A Twist Unload
On Some Real Drug Dealers
For The Sleep They Stole
And I Was At The Show
Were That Boy Got Dropped
I Knew That Boy
No Need To Use My Toy
But The Crowd Spread Rumors
Like Some Snibbling Bitches
Ese Coming From A City
That Fulfill Death Wishes
On The Spot Loc'd
No Matter Who You Are
You Get Touched Muthafucker
Someone Evil Bizarre
That's The Game Holmes
Like The Price On My Head
And Them Killers Won't Be Happy
Till I Sleep With The Dead
I Ain't Afraid Though
I'll Just Stay On My Toes
Had Attempts On My Life
Since 89 Homeboy
I'm Not A Rookie
The Hood Showed Me The Ropes
I Come Through With Some Riders
And I'll Smoke Your Folks
And That's Nature Of The Beast
Is What Keeps Us Clapping
Ese One Eye Open
Ain't No Time For Napping
Just Stacking
Dirty Money From D.
Ese Watching For The Lames
That Stole My Sleep

I'm Sure There's Pound Of Chronic
Well Help Me Doze Off
If Not It's Back To The Spot
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