Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lyrics: Conejo - Too Young To Die Too Proud To Cry

Lyrics For Conejo's "Too Young To Die Too Proud To Cry" Song Off His Rare Underground Demo Tapes.

Verse 1:
The City Of L.A. Is Where It Start
Vatos From My Varrio
Can't Be Stopped
Some Say This
Some Say That
It's Not Where You From
It's Where You At
Torcido And You Ain't Nothing But A Punk
Veneno Wrote You Up
So You Nothing But A Chump
Dos Trece
In The Varrio That's Loco
Ask Any Varrio
Cause Their Homies Get Smoked To The Grill
And They Ask How It Sound
And I Was Fucking Firme
Dropping Shit For The Underground
Hoover Park
Just Like That
This Is Where I'm From
And This Is Where I'm At
Mucha Gente Sabe
Just What I Be Saying
Cause In My Crazy Varrio Nobody Be Playing
Wanna Run Up?
You'll Know Whats Up
Surenos Straight Fuck Shit Up
Cause I'm A Thug
Not A Pussy Cat
Little Fucking Trucos
Straight Pimps Like A Mack Playing Bitches
Something Like A Spell
Tumbado So The Shortys Wanna Dwell
The Mighty 2-1-3 Is On The Map
I'm Pimping Some Ponders
And A Fitted L.A. Cap
Getting Older
Getting High
One More Time
Too Young To Die Too Proud To Cry

Verse 2:
Probably Get Stoked
Run Instead
What I Call My Varrio?
What I Call My Gang?
You Know That I Play For Keeps
Ponte Trucha
cause The Narcos Wanna Creep
Ain't Smoking Stress
Ay Smokey, Ces, Lazy & Smurf
So How You Gonna Tell Me That My Homie's A Punk
Chales My Varrio's Down
Every Single Week Got Gangs Of Bills
Southwest Smoked The Homeboy
Rico Rest In Peace
Fuck That
Raza Don't Want Piste Want War
So The Boys Scared
Caile Veneno
Let's Go For A Lil Ride To The Other Side
Hit Every Varrio
Lighten Punks Slackers
Yo Y Veneo Somos Gangster Mack
Rolling Through The Side Where It's Full Of Rats
Soy Truco
And I'm A Pimp Kinda Vato
It's A Friday Night But I Have To Say Alrato
Cruisin' At The Boulevard
Hollywood Is Crazy But I'm Just To Hard
Got My Cuete When I Roam The Strip
Cause I Ain't A Ranker
And I Ain't Bout To Slip
Fight A Punk That'll Make My Day
Like A Slipping Point
Enemigas Get Sprayed
Came In To The Varrio
Macking Like A Daddy
Riding Shotgun In Puppet's Caddy
My Varrio Is The Bomba
I Can't Lie
Too Young To Die Too Proud To Cry

Verse 3:
In To My Lado Truco Shit
It's The West Side
Ain't Nothing Fare
Cause I'm A Low Down
Slow Down
Cause I'm from The Calles
2-1-3 Is In The House
So It's All About The Underground
Ponle And You See What's Next
A Gang Of Motherfuckers
Got Your Ass On Check
On A Leva
This Cit On A Scale
I Guess There Ain't No Soldier
So Your Ass Gotta Bail Up North
You're a Fallen Star
Running From The Raza
So There You Are
A Farmer
A Buster
That Shit Don't Flow
Everybody Know Surenos Run The Show
Tapado, Went Out Like A Punk
Dos Uno Tres
Gonna Show You Wassup
Soy Trucos
And My Mind Was Super High
And I'm Too Young To Die Too Proud To Cry
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