Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lyrics: Conejo (Verse) - This Is The Way I Kill

Lyrics Of Conejo's Verse From "This Is The Way I Kill" By Serio Featuring Conejo & Midget Loco Off Serio's "Gansterism Part 3" Album.

I Break Fools Down
Like I Was Doing Some Fractions
Get Rid Of Mothafuckas
Like I'm Doing Subtraction
With Affection
Notorious Cartel
East Side West Side
Is What The Homies Yell
And I'm Dealing
Ese Out The Condado
In Some Navy Blue Chucks
Like A Fuckin Soldado
Give Me Mine Though
Cause It's Only Right
While Me & Big Serio
Put It In Work Tonight
Fuck A Label
And There Weak Ass Contract
I Ain't Signing Shit
Ese Meet My Gat
It's Like That
You Can't Erase These Tats
Like Them Studio Mothafuckas
You Got All In The Back
I'm Extorting
Ese All Your Roster
Nothing But Imposters
I'm A C.A. Monster
Eating Lobster
And Fucking Nothing But Dimes
Ese Peepin Out My Crimes
In That L.A. Times
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