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Lyrics: Fiesty 2 Guns - My Speech

Lyrics: Fiesty 2 Guns - My Speech
Lyrics For Fiesty 2 Guns' "My Speech" Song From His "Talking Guns" Mixtape.

Street Scriptures
The Mixtape
Fiesty 2 Guns 2010
2010 Yeah
In This Till The End Dog
Charlie Row
We Coming
C-Row Gees
This Is For The People
Caught Up In The Hood
Trying To Rise Above All That Shit
Still Trying To Rise
This Is Dedicated To You
They Can't Bring Us Down Homie

Verse 1:
He Had No Money
Clothes Faded Cuz They Worn Out
Roaches In The Home
Ain't Nobody Know He Born Now
Only 16
But He Swore He Was Older Now
Strolling Thru The Block
And Noticed How The Homies Hold It Down
And He Wanted That
Girls, Money All Of That
New Clothes, Golden Chains
No One Else Got Him That
But There's A Price To Pay
Now Sign Your Life Away
They Gave Him The Fire Arm
And Taught Him All The Riders Way
Got It In His Brain
For Survival Its The Only Way
Make Em Pay For Every Soul They Took Away
Now They Locked Em In
And Turned Him To A Gunner Man
Another Pawn For There Game
Not Caring He's A Youngster Man

Fiesty Talking:
You Know How It Is
When You First Get In To The Neighborhood
Kicking It With The Homies
Got A Bunch Of Fucking Violence Right There
You Finally Got Money In Your Pockets
Fucking Fools Up
That Shit Was Fun Dog
Than Your Homeboy Gets Killed
Your Closest Dog
Than It Ain't Fun No More
All You Got In Your Heart Is Your Friends
Than You Gotta Do Something For Your Friends
We Go Get Em And Say Fuck Everybody

Verse 2:
Not Caring For His Mother Man
Another Night She Cries
For The Life Of Her Son Again
She See's It In His Eyes
All Black From The Drugs Again
She Know He Can Be A Better Man
If He Wakes Up From This
Going Thru Experiences
Told Him Have No Fear In This
Disappearing Adolescence
Hoping That Your Hearing This
It's Hard To Wake Up
When You Caught Up In The Smoke Inhaled
The Only Breaks He Takes
Is When He Gets Caught Up And Goes To Jail
Sitting There In A Cell
Reflecting On The Life He's In
Telling God Help Him Out
And This Shit Won't Repeat Again
But Once He Hits The Streets Again
All This Shit He's Speaking Man
Goes Out The Window Cuz He's Back On That Tweak Again

Fiesty Talking:
Keep On Telling Yourself
This IS The Last Thing
After This I'm Quitting
Done With This Shit
I'm A Do It For My Family
Imma Do It For My Mom
Cuz She Deserves It
And A Couple Hours Pass By
You Like I'm Not Addicted To This Shit
One Hit Ain't Gonna Hurt
Fuck That
I'll Quit Tomorrow
So Once Again
You Taking Your Last Motherfucking Hit

Verse 3:
Now He's Broke And Starving
Cuz He's Holdin On His Cash Tight
Spendin All His Last Cents
On Filling Up His Crack Pipe
He's Yellin Out For Help
But No One Out There's Listening
His Moms Is Missing Him
But Gave Up When She Caught Him Stealing Shit
Now He's There Stuck
His Last Hit Gots Him Fiending It
He's Going To The Homies
They Not Knowing What He Needs In Him
He's Begging For A Weapon
With No Questions They Gave It To Him
Not Caring And Yellin Out
To Get One For The Neighborhood
He Sees A Couple Coming
And Feeling Desperation
He Told Himself The Gun
Was Only For Intimidation
Not Knowing That The Man
Will Sacrifice His Life For Family
The Fight Broke Out
Shots Rang It Ended In A Tragedy
None Of Them Were Shot
But They Heard A Women Screaming
As He Looking Down The Street
He Seen A Little Girl Bleeding
Now The Reality Hits Em
But It's Much To Late Now
Sitting In That Jail Cell
No Escape And No Way Out

He's Sorry For The Things He Did
He's Sorry For That Little Kid
He's Sorry For Stealing From Moms
He's Sorry For The Life He Lived
He's Sorry For The Things He Did
He's Sorry For That Little Kid
He's Sorry For Stealing From Moms
He's Sorry For The Life He Lived
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