Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lyrics: JokaBoy & BadNews - Love You

Lyrics From JokaBoy & BadNews' "Love You" Song Produced By Ernie G. From Their "God Bless The Trap" Mixtape.

JokaBoy Aka Young Chapo:
Daddy Was A Drug Dealer
Guess What? Me Too
I Fuck With The Squares Like Igloo
Nine Double S
Stuck To Me Like Glue
Riding In A Jeep
Through a Middle Of a Compton Suit
JB A.K.A Young Chapo
Sitting In a Benz
With A Brick And A Choppa
So Many Guns
You Would Think I Was Sponsored
Smith & Wesson Unload With A Musket
You Fucking With A Goon
BadNews In The Profit
Ernie G. On The Beats
So You Know It's A Monsta
Walking On Green Look Like Celery
I Got The White Girl
Call Her Hillary
Gucci Hi-Tops Straight From Italy
Smoke Got The Roof Like A Chimney
Gon' Stay Flashing Just Like Estevan
Money All Day
Just Ask The Bad Man

Good Lawyers On The Case
Won't Break Me
Automatic Gun Fire Means No Safety
All The Money At The Bottom Of Safe B
100 Miles And Running
Who Wanna Race Me?
White Powder
Boy Got cake In The Bakery
Keep Big Money Til The Day That They Waste Me
And The Swisher Blunt
Cup Full Of Pisto
Lucky Me
Drug Money Got Me Stacked Dog
The Nightmare
Black Rims On A Black Truck
The Choppa Glow In The Dark
When I Lift It Up
Well Pussy Wet
Panties Soaking When I Pick Her Up
White Girl In The Back With a Zipper Up
She Love The Way I Flip Her Up
Floatin' On Them Big Boats
Tryin' Skip Her Up
So Wavy
Throw It Like Tom Brady
Baby Powder With No Baby
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