Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lyrics: Mr. Criminal - It's Over

Lyrics For Mr. Criminal's "It's Over" Song From Mr. Criminal's "What the Streets Created Part 2" Compilation.

Mr. Criminal Back On The Frontline
Staying Knee Deep In This Shit Homie
Built For This Mothafucking Type Of Shit Homie
Could Go On All Mothafucking Day
On These Fucking Levas
This Time I Ain't Even Gonna Say Your Mothafucking Name
Bet You Know Who The Fuck You Are
Fucking Sad Homie
Keep My Name Out Your Mouth
You Fucking Bitch

Verse 1:
I'm Bout To Put The Nail In The Coffin
Look Mr. Criminal Lost It
I'm A Soldier Built For Battle
Ain't No getting Exhausted
There's A Line You Shouldn't Pass
Now These Have Crossed It
A Price To Pay
When You Disrespect
So Look What It Costing
All This Bragging & Bossing
Like Bitches Started Commotions
Wanted Me To Say They Name
In Desperate Need Of Promotion
I'm Doing Shows Around These 50 States
All Across Cities
While These Cyber Bangers Sit At Home
Wishin' & Hopin
Like Hmmm
I Wonder If Criminal Said My Name
In The Diss Track
That Might Help Me
To Finally Get Rid OF This Stack
Of Extra CDs
That Are Pressed Up
They Don't Sell
Your Clicka Is Full Of Bitches
Than You Call Yourselves A Cartel
This Mr. Criminal Serving You
Big Lokote Will Murder You
Mr. Capone-E Never Dissed You Back
My Dawg Never Heard Of You
All Them Lies & Spreading Rumors
Saying I'm From Honduras
Why Don't You Tell My Fucking Raza
About You Being A Jura
And How You Claim 2 Counties
How Your Name Is David Downey
Made A Mistake
Bout To Toss You In The Lake
And Leave You Drowning
Cause You Bitches Ain't On My Level
Trying To Start Some Internet Pedo
Bout To Hit With These Fully Auto
Send You To The Devil
Your Career Is Almost Over
So You Kick To These Beats
I'm A Rider From These Calles
So I Keep To These Streets
We've Done Shows All Up In Texas
Got Love Through Out Your Towns
You've Never Come To California
Guess Someone Will Buck You Down
And That's The Truth Bitch
You Fucking Internet Lop
Flooding Guess Books & Forums
Tell Me When Does It Stop

Talking All That Shit From 3,000 Miles Away
Come See Me Face To Face
Homie I Ain't Hard To Find

Verse 2:
This Sad Boy Number 2
Now It's Only You
I Got You In The Scope
Tell Me What You Wanna Do?
Shit I Got Flows
That Dispose
All Those Who Try To Oppose
Wack Rats Get Attacked
In Fact Put On They Back
But Still
These Fools Wanna Battle The Real
Talking All This Murderess Talk
But Tell Me Who Have You Killed?
What Balas Have You Spit?
Whose Blood Have You Spilled?
Your Brain On Drugs
Left You Fucked Up
Thinking Shit That Ain't Real
You Fools Are Better Off
Just Keeping The Myspace
Cause You Don't Wanna See Me
Reaching For My Waist
Your Enemies Are Notorious
For Banging on The Computers
Criminal Keeps Attacking
Ready To Put Some Balas Through You
You Keeping Talking A Gang Of Shit
But We Don't See Nothing
Apparently These Motherfuckers Living Lies
Plus They See The Truth Is
I'm Only Kicking Facts
With Skill
And All These Fucking Levas
Are Straight Wack Foreal
Caught At A Red light
Now Watch Your Death Unfold
Criminal Show Some Real Meaning Of
Revenge Served Cold
Ese Before You Rap
You Should Learn How To Talk
Claiming That You Got Some Homies
That'll Put Me In Chalk
All Bark & No Bite
All Talk & No Fight
Dissing Every Other Artist
When He Get On The Mic
Done What You've Never Done
Been Where You Never Been
Spread That Kind Of Money In My Life
That You'll Never Spend
And That's Jealousy
Suitable For Some Bitches
And If The Shoe Fits
Than Get Yourself a Purse & Skirt
To Go With It

There It Is Right There Homie
You Heard It from Mr. Criminal
Stay Off My Nuts
You Internet Banging Ass Chump
As Far As That Other Bitch As Fool Go
He Knows Who He Is
Shooting All these Balas At My Direction
Missing And Shit
Stay Off The Nuts Bitch
I Ain't Got No Lyrics For Your Ass
When I See You
I'm Split Your Motherfucking Face Homie
That's A Mothafucking Promise Homie
Ain't No Running
Ain't No Hiding
Mr. Criminal's Riding
Don't Think I Didn't Hear That Lyrical Assassin Shit
Talking About I Won't Touch You In These Streets
You Know Me Bitch
You Know What I'm Capable Of
You Know Who I Ride With
Know What I've Done
You Know Where I Been
So What Your Fucking Mouth
Mr. Criminal Homie
And I'm Out This Bitch
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