Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lyrics: Skull Camp - Para Mi Gente (Ft. Big Swiisha)

Lyrics For Skull Camp's "Para Mi Gente" Featuring Big Swiisha Off Skull Camp's "The Storm Is Coming" Mixtape.

Dee The Great:
These Words I'm Writing
Are Strictly For My Gente (Pa Mi Gente)
I'm Getting Drunk
I'm Listening To Chente
Don't Need A Gun Man
And Yo My People Use Machetes (Vente)
While I Take You On A Little Ride
We Live In Poverty
My Family's Barely Getting By
I'm So Sick Homie Of Contamination
I'll Keep Fighting
Like the Battle For Immigration
Seen Us All We Marched To The Streets
Got People Just Wanna Live & Be Free
Like Emiliano
Hard Workers And Bravos
I Took An Oath
To Defend What I Stand For
The Honor Of My Gente Mean So Much More
It Goes Back Generations
It's Historical
Beautiful City's Below Water
Now Mexico
I'll Never Let It Go
This Was Ours First
Habitants Of This Land
Are The Same That We Can't Work
When The Majority Putting In All The Dirt
Bullshit Hours For That Bullshit Pay
That's Why I Made My Mind Up
It's Time To Get Paid
No Delays Congress
Suppress Us Long Enough
Their Money Making Schemes
Only Dream To Re Up
When The Eagle Ate The Snake
It's A Sign
You See Us Holding Up Our Arms
Shining Like A Diamond In The Rough
Like A Diamond In The Rough

Big Swiisha:
Aye Que Tan Linda Mi Tierra
Mexico Eres Mi Pasión
Costa Rica Estamos Aqui
Para Mi Gente

Dee The Great:
So No Te Espantes
Un Vida De Peligro Like Chalino Sanchez
My Intel Detects Indirect Information
Amnesty Pa Mi Gente Conformation
Mexican, Costa Rican Invasion Temptation
To Rise Up Against The Nation We're Facing
A Deadly Arm To Arm Battle
In The Deep Waters
Fuck It In The Shallow
Running With The Demon Shadow
Intellectual Going Through The Pueblos Guerrero
Mexico Y Costa Rica
Yo Quiero Ir Con Las Mujeres Mas Finas
No Tienes Mota Homie?
No Chingues
I'm In The House Smoking Like The Ink
Cause I Been Blessed
What's These Thoughts That I Think Of?
Get My Words Man
And Put Em In to Writing
Define, The Government Keeps Trying
De-proud Us From Doing Good
Even Though We Trying
Killing Dogs Like Me I Can Understand
It's The Good Ones Never Get The Upper Hand Never
Stand Back And What's Best For The Family
Randomly a Do Jobs Just So They Can Eat
Never Live Underneath Just On The Street
It's Time To Rise Up
Never Face Defeat
A Natural Mystic Like Bob Marley
Everybody Smoke Let's Have A Party
Para Mi Gente
Letting Off The Shotty
Revolution Already Calling
I'll Be A Leader Like Joseph Stalin
Para Mi Gente
Let's Start Ballin'
Take A Trip Out To Holland, Amsterdam
Smoking For My Gente
I'm Killing Grams

Big Swiisha:
Aye Que Tan Linda Mi Tierra
Mexico Eres Mi Pasión
Costa Rica Estamos Aqui
Para Mi Gente
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