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Lyrics: The Stomper - Running Around

Lyrics: The Stomper - Running Around
Lyrics For Stomper's "Running Around" Song From His "Once Upon A Time In America" Album.

Verse 1:
It's Like Once Upon A Time
I Was Living Alone
An Only Child On His Own
In A Broken Home
Moms Worked Til She Dropped
Trying To Give Me Alot
Never Talked About My Pops
Why He Shook The Spot?
My Mom Reminds Me Of My Grandma
There's Just Something About Em
Always Told Me I Was Special
Nothing I Couldn't Tell Em
Never Doubt Em
I Guess My Father
Didn't Have Time To Spare
Keep Saying "Just Isn't Fare"
But I Never Did Care
Guess Whose The One Whose Lonely Now?
Whose The One Whose a Coward?
Sits At Home All Alone
Lonely Counting The Hours
You Left A Child's Heart Cold
But I Turned TO The Streets
Found Love Through The G's
Gang Bangers & Thieves
I Don't Know Why
Don't Wanna Know
It's Just What It Is
Made A Promise Back Than
I Never Be Nothing Like Him
Shit I Can Spit
Piece Of Shit
You Don't Deserve To Live
Cause Somewhere Out There In The Shadows
You Left A Fatherless Kid

Verse 2:
It Started Flying By Faster
Making All My Own Moves
Momma's Crazy Little Bastard
Out Controlling The Hood
Packing The Deadliest Weapons
Sworn To Kill Me A Rat
Pulling The Gats
Busting Straps
Always On The Attack
Chip On My Shoulders
There Something Inside
There Was Something To Prove
Attitude, Rude & Crude
I'm Out Here Paying My Dues
Life In The Fastlane Ese
100 Miles An Hour
I Still Require a Dream
I Put The Money & Power
No 9 To 5
So My Life Is Headed Nowhere & Fast
But When You See Me
I'm Rolling
No One Could See Through My Mask
King Of The Streets
But Something's Missing
I Can't Sleep Good At Night
My Mother Prayed With All Her Might
I Make It Home Alright
Cause She Could See That In My World
I Was Lost And Alone
Couldn't Understand
The Kinda Things Going On In My Dome
Only The Darkness Devour
Moments Of Pain From The Past
It Was My Mom Who Held Me Down
And Always Had My Back

Verse 3:
Dear God
I Know You Have The Master Plan
But Seems Like Trails & Tribulations
That's All I Have
So Turn Your Man
Growing Up Without A Dad
Searching For Love In These Streets
I Gave My Life To A Gang
New Town Rimbank Avenue
Boarding The Dead End
Ghetto Tears Through The Years
Buried The Best Of My Friends
Street Wisdom & Slang
Tookin Back An Reflect
A Bastard Child
So I Had To Keep Myself In Check
My Vato Kato Told Me Something
That I'll Never Forget
Told Me Stay True To Myself
And Put These Cowards To Death
It Was My Grandma
Who Showed Us All The Meaning Of Love
And Even Though
I Haven't Always Been The Best Friend Son
Just Know I Love You
I Only Wanna Make You Proud
Never Meant To Let You Down
Trying To Make Up For It Now
And All Your Pain
Wasn't In Vain
I Finally Figured It Out
Showed Me What Life's All About
And I Ain't...
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