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Interview: Exclusive Interview With Jeff Reyes Of Echosworld

First Interview Exclusively Brought To You By Xicano Rap Updates. Thanks To Jeff 'Echo' Reyes For Taking The Time To Answer These Questions. Read Interview Below.

XRU: I Know Who You Are But For Those That Don't, Can You Introduce Yourself & Tell Us A Little About Yourself? (Your Name, Where Your From/Grew Up, What You Do For a Living, Etc.)

  • Jeff: My Name is Jeff Reyes but I am also known as ECHO owner of ECHOSWORLD ENT. I grew up between South Central and the San Fernando Valley. What do I do for a living? Well I am the owner of ECHOSWORLD Ent. I also am a Licensed Weapons Specialist for the motion picture industry were I train actors how to use weapons on movies and look like they know what they are doing. lol

XRU: What Is Echos World? And How Did You Come With That Name?

  • Jeff: Well ECHOSWORLD (one word) is a Graphic Design, Photography and TV/FILM Studio Production Company. I have had this company since 2001 when I began as a Graphic Designer. From there we evolved to Photography and now to where we are at.

XRU: How Long Have You Been Directing Movies & Music Videos?

  • Jeff: Professionally I have been working in the business for over 10 years but I have only been Producing and Directing for 4 years now.

XRU: What Influenced You To Make Movies, Short Films, Music Videos, Etc.?

  • Jeff: I have always been very interested in making movies, since I was a little kid playing with my Dads home camera. Then in High School I met my mentor Bill Davis which brought me in the business as his assistant. I’ve been working with him ever since. I really began to be interested in Producing after Producing my first TV show and movie called Operation Repo. After that I got the itch to do more on my own.

XRU: So Who Comes With The Concepts Of The Music Videos? Do You Listen To The Song And Make Suggestions Or Does The Artist Have All The Creative Control?

  • Jeff: So far, I have been pretty lucky to have my own artistic concepts but my input is that, only input. I like to give the artist the ability to give them express their vision. If they trust the concept and if the budget allows my idea then they roll with it.

XRU: How Long Does It Take To Direct And Edit A Music Video From Start To Finish?

  • Jeff: Well I am pretty fast but have worked in the industry I keep to MOVIE UNION STANDARDS. I have an awesome crew that I work with so I like to take care of them and not overwork them. We shoot a regular 12 hour day (sometimes we finish under 8hr) and from there I begin Editing the next day. I have have a video done within 48hrs but once again, Situation, time, and deadline dictates my turn around.

XRU: Are Most Of Your Clients You've Done Music Videos For Strictly Chicano Rappers? Can You Name All The Artists You've Worked With?

  • Jeff: No, I have been very lucky to have worked with a vast realm of artists, From Snoop, E40, Kurput, Ice Cube, ICE T, Limp Bizkit to working with big movie stars like Ray Liotta, Easi Morales, Danny Trejo, Andy Garcia...the list goes on and on.

XRU: I Told You The Other Day That Your Videos Should Be On Networks Like Mun2 & MTVTr3s, Do You See Your Work/Music Videos Ever Catching Interest From Any Television Networks To Get Them Played On TV?

  • Jeff: I want to thank your first for the compliment. Today music is so POPPY that Networks rather play some garbage music with a cool looking video then some real music. Some of my videos have made it on MTV and other channels. Unfortunately not as a Director but as a producer and hope that I get one on there soon.

XRU: Do You Have A Favorite Movie Or Music Video That You've Worked On?

  • Jeff: Every video has been my favorite, I can't say i like one more then the other.

XRU: What Do You Do Besides Directing As In Hobbies Or Is This Your Side Job?

  • Jeff: Well, I do it all and I mean I do it all. I love photography and have been doing that. Recently I got approached by Streetlow Magazine to help them shoot some of there So Cal girls and design some of there covers. When I am not on set I'm behind a camera shooting something or someone.

XRU: Let's Switch It Up & Talk About Music, What Did You Listen To Growing Up?

  • Jeff: Oh man, I am very eclectic when it comes to music. Of course I grew up listening to 2PAC, NWA, KID FROST, but I also grew up listening to Slipknot and Korn. Today I am more into Deadmau5 and Benni Benassi but I also love listening to everything that comes out of URBAN KINGS.

XRU: What Do You Think About Chicano Rap/Latin Rap? Do You Think Chicano Rap Is Going Anywhere, Or Bigger Than It Is Now?

  • Jeff: I think Chicano Rap is under rated and held down by the people that don't want to listen to Latinos rap. Cali is over 52% Latino and we rather listen to a CLUB BANGER with no meaning then to listen to a dope lyrical track by Chino G or Midget or any Latin Rapper. The Latino Rap movement is going somewhere but we have to stay true to what we are and stop trying to compete with one another. Stop all the beef and all the hating and supporting each other.

XRU: You've Mentioned Doing A Movie With Charlie Row Campo & Midget Loco, How Did You Get In Contact With Charlie Row & Midget Loco To Do That Movie? And How Was It Working With Them?

  • Jeff: Yea this is actually the second movie I have done with them. They were in the Movie I produced Operation Repo: The Movie, and also my Short Film I produced and directed called ASH, which URBAN KINGS is set to release soon. Its always a pleasure working with them and we have many more projects in the works. I got in touch with them back in 2007-2008 through the homie Jasper and Midget. My brother is a Big Fan of them and I came home one day and he showed me this video with Chino Grande talking shit to Snoop. After I saw that I was like I got to work with these dudes. I sent them a message of Myspace asking if they would be interested in doing a Documentary Style photo shoot and they loved the idea. We have been good friends since.

XRU: I Noticed That You've Been Working Closely With Urban Kings Lately, Could We Expect More Of Urban Kings Artists Music Videos Directed By Jeff Reyes & Echosworld?

  • Jeff: LOL yea URBAN KINGS has been good to me and I thank them for giving me the opportunity, But I also want to really thank MIDGET and DOLL-E Girl which believed in me and trusted me to do there first official video.

XRU: Are There Any Projects Or Videos That You're Currently Working On Or Worked On That You Would Like To Talk About?

  • Jeff: Well I Wicks Video just released which I re-shot for them and I am currently about to shoot one for 40 GLOCC ft Paul Wall, another Midget Loco Video, Doll-E and many more I cant yet talk about.

XRU: Is There Any One You Want to Work With In The Future On Movies & Music Videos?

  • Jeff: There are many artist I would love to work with but since we are in the Latino realm right now, I would like to work with Lil' Rob, Kid Frost, Psycho Realm, Immortal Technique and Chino Grande when he gets out or I may have to figure out how to sneak a camera where he's

XRU: For Those Who Wanna Do Business With You, Where Can They Get In Contact With You?

  • Jeff: For any that want to work with me they can contact my management at or call 747.777.3448 and speak to MIKE.

XRU: Any Last Shout Outs?

  • Jeff: Yes, I want to give you guys a shout out first and foremost for all the love and support, My awesome Team, my Producers Lara Horton, Trevor Scott, Chris DePretis, SET UP SHOP, DOLL-E, MIDGET, CHINO, JASPER, URBAN KINGS, anyone I am forgetting and my #1 Fan (she knows who she is)

Jeff's Official Websites:

Here's One Of Jeff Reyes Short Films "Mayberry Avenue".
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