Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lyrics: Conejo - The Countdown

Lyrics: Conejo - The Countdown
Lyrics For Conejo's "The Countdown" Promo Verse.

This The Countdown
To The Puppet Master
Curse – This A Verse
A Toke Of Lyrical Dirt
You Vatos Know Me
This That Palo Mayombe
Shout Out To Brazil
Were They Doing Candomble
It's Like Homie
Half The Game Be Some Phonies
Had To Hit Em With My Shit
To Get Em Back On They Toes B. (Bandit)
This Not A Diss
To Any Of My Rivals
Better Yet Its A Notice
To All Thee Arrivals
Pulling Up
Like They Ain't Giving A Fuck
Bow Down Kiss The Ring
Or Die Your Ass In That Truck
No Time To Duck
These A&R’s Is Shaky
I'm Already At The Top
So Where The Fuck Can They Take Me ?
Ain't A Site Ain't A Blog
That Ain't Mention My Name
A Real Muthafucka
That's Locked In The Game
I'm Dope – I'm Loc’d
The Albums Hope
For The New Generation
That's Cutting Them Throats

The Puppet Master Curse Coming Soon
This A Gates Of Hell Exclusive
Brought To You By Conejo
The Angel Of Death
Music Asesina
I'm Out
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