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Lyrics: Conejo - Real O.G.

Lyrics: Conejo - Real O.G.
Lyrics For Conejo's "Real O.G." Song From His "Devil's Playground" Album.

Verse 1:
I Drove Up
And Everyone Was Dead
I Pose A Ominous Threat
I'll Put Your Ass In Check
I Want The Federal Reserve
Revelations: 13
Second Beast Emerged
Amazon Coke Labs
On A Daily Basis
Ship Fucken Birds
To The Ghetto Oasis
Thee Only Traces
Is Them Dope Fiend Faces
Behind Fucken Bars
Cause They Catching Them Cases
I Ensoul Muthafuckers
When The Soft Get Hard
I Conduct The Rock
Like A Share Of Stock
Eradicate Em
If They Set Up Shop
To Close To The Spot
Were The Dubbs Get Bought
Knock Knock Homie
It's Another Cluck
3 Gold Rope Chains
Break Em Off A Chunk
You Know Whats Up
We Showed Up In Them Navys
T-K-S Was Balling
A Caravan Of Denali's

I'm A Real O.G.
I'm From The 213
I'm From The L.A.C.
I'm A Real O.G.

Verse 2:
You Ain't A Made Man
Why You Acting Like One
Fuck Your Get Along Gang
On The Streets We Bang
It's Just Harpys
And I Don't Need No Aid
You Muthafuckers Sound Lame
You About To Get Sprayed
You Lil Bitches
All Joined Together
Ese Fuck Your Mixtape
It Won't Make No Cheddar
Bodies Found
Cause I Bagged Them Suckers
The Boss Of Bosses
Cause A Fucken Ruckus
Just Like Old Times
It's 211 On Mines
Enemies On There Block
Throwing Up Gang Signs
So We Jump Out
And Dump Several Times
Tomorrow Hear About It
On Channel 9
So Many Died That Night
With My Face On There Mind
The Barrel Of A 9
16 Go Inside
They Wonder Why
They Fell Asleep In The Ride
You Could Run All You Want
But When It's Time It's Time

I'm A Real O.G.
I'm From The 213
I'm From The L.A.C.
I'm A Real O.G.

Verse 3:
Someone's Been Murdered
And They Blaimed It On Me
But I Don't Give A Fuck
It's Still Two Five Street (25st)
I Lost Trust Dog
In A Few I Know
Now Everywhere I Go
I Fucken Lay Real Low
Just In Case Homie
The Fucken Rumors Are True
They Put A Price On My Head
I'm A Take Em To School
You Feel Me
You The Victim Here
Give Me Space Muthafucker
Or Your Cap Get Peeled
Ese Criminal Approach
Criminal Get Slaughtered
Ese Big C-O-N
Smoke All Hi Power
I Devour
A Fucken Bird In A Hour
A 50 Desert E
I'm A Tower Of Power
I Enter The Cypher
Burner Tucked At My Waist
U.S. Marshall's Was Crawling
All Over The Place
Strap Flexed
Get The Fuck Off The Deck
Before You And Your Crew
Start Eating This Lead

I'm A Real O.G.
I'm From The 213
I'm From The L.A.C.
I'm A Real O.G.
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