Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lyrics: Mr. Criminal - Criminal Mentality 2 (Intro)

Mr. Criminal - Criminal Mentality 2
Lyrics For Mr. Criminal's "Criminal Mentality 2 (Intro)" Song From His "Criminal Mentality 2" Album.

Verse 1:
I'm On Fire
Like The Tip Of A Blunt
Cashing Checks Like You Do
On The First Of The Month
Sittin Back
Twistin Up A Fat Sack
Of That Bomb Weed
Young Brown And Dangerous
Aggressive & Hungry
Hi Power Is A Motherfucking Army
Salute To The General
The One That's Known As Criminal
Still On The Billboards
Coming With The Sickest Flows
Still Breaking Pounds
On The Motherfucking Digital
They Know The Name
The Heard About Em
Talk About Em
I Bring The Music That
The CD Stores Sold Out Of
They Know The Movement So Bad
They Know the Label
Them Young Hispanics
They Left The West Coast Disabled
It's Hi-Power Till The Day I Die
Fuck A Record Contract
They Said This Shit Was A Way Of Life
And I Ain't Talking About No Papers
I'm Talking About Loyalty Ese
With Middle Fingers To The Haters
Playa Haters & Investigators
Stay The Fuck Up Out Of The Way
Running On That Chevrolet
Believe I Let Them Balas Spray
Hands Up In The Air
Like It was A Robbery
Still Stacking
No Matter The Economy

Verse 2:
We Steady Risen
Still Representin
Toking A Blunt
Before i Finish My Sentence
These Haters Dissed in The Past
But Now They Beg For Forgiveness
Some Of Us Wished They Would Left
They See Us Begging And Wishing
That I Would Spit A Verse On That Shit
Maybe Do A Hook For Em
No Love For These Busters
Criminal Straight Ignores Em
Then I Scape To The Back
With A Blunt Of That Dank
Give A Fuck What You Think
Steady Risen In The Blaze
In This West Coat Latin Rap
Steady Risen Let's Toast
And Bow To The Label
That's Known To Represent Most
Haha Now Take A Look At The Shelves
How Does It Feel?
Then Take A Look At Your Sales
With Your Sorry Ass Music
And Your Sorry Ass Life
In Your Sorry Ass Clothes
Fools Crying On The Mic
Than They Calling On My Cell
Tryin To Cry On My Shoulders
Let It Be Known
You Get No Love From The Soldiers
So Save Your Call Levas
And Save Your Texts
And The Fans Will Figure Shit
So Just Save Your Breath
Come Step
Than You're Playing With Death
I Smash Motherfuckers Ese
So Watch Your Step

Verse 3:
And Any Motherfucking Rider
Roll Over to This Cat
On The Way To Benihanas
With The Rhug & Tec
Growing Up Since A Youngsta
Yeah I Knew Them Vets
And They Schooled Me Right
So I Do My Best
I Gotta Be Honest
I Almost Lost My Motivation
Cause The Game Is Full Of Snakes
And The Shit was Getting Tasteless
But The Weak Fell Off
And The Wackness Was Replaced
With The New Motivation
So I Throw It In They Face
Some New Shit
Only The Strong Survive
I Proved It
And Death Before Dishonor
Came And Left Haters Clueless
Since I Was A Youngsta
I Had Love For This Music
And Now I Thank God
That I Have A Chance To Do This
Travel Around The World
Make Money For My New Shit
Fans Going Crazy
Every Time I Drop A New Hit
Rappers Rap & Talk About Ballin'
But I Do This
Blue & White Diamonds
On My Motherfucking New Shit
Catch Me Drinking Pisto With My Kids
At The Dodger Game
In This Latin Rap Game
Toss Me In The Hall Of Fame
I Got Love For My Homies
No Tolerance For Lames
With A Bad Attitude
Back The Fuck Up
With Your Wack Ass Low Budget Half Ass
Sorry Ass Little Cracker Jack Trash
I Take This Shit To The Bank
With My Stacks
And Tell The World Don't trip
The Assassin Is Back Ese
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