Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lyrics: Mr. Criminal - Sick Thoughts

Lyrics For Mr. Criminal's "Sick Thoughts" Song From His "Rise To Power" Album.

Verse 1:
Sick Thoughts
Just Travel Through My Membrane
Take A Toke Of Mary Jane
Just To Keep Tamed
Don't Push Me
Cause I'm Close To The Edge
Got A
And It's Screaming Out Death
Seen A Lot Of Bloodshed
In The Night Time
I Ain't In My Right Mind
I've Been Subjected To The Streets
All Neglected
And Through The Streets
Is How I Got Respected
I've Been Connected
To All Sorts Of Crimes
In The Span Of 25 Years
A Short Life Time
A Gang Of Robberies
A Couple Of Kidnaps
See Me Flossing These
The Fools Have Been Jacked
I've Been Wanted
For All Types Of Shit
Arrested At An Early Age
What Type Of Life Is This?
I've Been Shackled
From My Feet Up In Hand Cuffs
Can't Use Excuses
Cause We All Lived Ruthless
Had It Rough
I've Been Shot At
Stabbed And Shot Back
A Couple Of Homies
That Could Not Be Brought Back
And That's That
That's Life
A Couple Of Older Homies
Got 25 To Life
All Over Gun Fights
All In The Sunlight
They Never Made It Out
To See Them Summer Nights
Cause We All Were Brown And Down
And Proud Of How We Live
Still Roll Around The Spots
Like I Don't Give A Shit
Knowing Fools Wanna Split Me
But I Keep A Ruger By My Side
So Why Not Come And Get Me?
I Still Refuse To Lose
Walking Around
With A 12 Gauge, 9 And A 22
I Don't Trip Off The Bullshit
Levas Talk Shit
Fuck Em Homie
I Got A Full Clip
I'd Rather Be Caught With It
Then Without It
I'd Rather Live In A Cell
Then In The Ground Trick
So I Will Not
Cannot And Won't Stop
No Matter What Happens In Life
I Won't Flop
I Got Kids To Feed
I Got Bills To Pay
Until They Take Care Of That
Fuck What They Say
As Far As I Know
I've Figured Out Survival
And In Any Second
I Could Be Dead
And I Know
So I Stroll
With My Head In The Clouds
And Tell Them Haters
Ain't No Taking Me Out
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