Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mixtape: Lil G - Blue Devil 2

Mixtape: Lil G - Blue Devil 2Lil G Official Released His Latest Project Today Titled "Blue Devil 2" Mixtape On Features His Hit Single "Sending This Message" And The Latest Song He Did A Video For "Real Life". Artist Featured Are Y-Be (Lil Yogi), Big Swiisha, Tracy Lane And Many More. Download It For FREE !! Mixtape Was Removed From, It's Now Available On iTunes Now!

1. The Capo
2. Letter 2 Doc. Dre (Ft. Big Swiisha)
3. Crazy Love (Ft Munnee Boy)
4. Real Life
5. This Is My Life (Ft. Kiki Smooth)
6. Sending This Message (Ft. Tracy Lane) [Prod. Darren Vegas]
7. Sucios Pt 2. [Prod. Darren Vegas]
8. Banging On Um (Ft. Baby Gunz The Menace)
9. Pussy Is A Drug (Ft. Big Swisha)
10. Fallin In Love (Ft. Munnee Boy, Lynn)
11. Black Cortez
12. Go Back (Ft. Ness Hustle)
13. Love L.A
14. Gunz In My Neighborhood (Ft. Y-Be (Lil Yogi))
15. Gangstas Only

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