Monday, October 1, 2012

Audio: Slowpoke - Self Titled (My Demons) 2-Disc (Album Snippets)

Official Snippets From Slowpoke's Most Anticipated Album "Self Titled (My Demons)" Officially Dropping Online October 13, 2012. Album Features Chino Grande, Mr. Criminal, Y-Be (Lil Yogi), Fiesty 2 Guns, Grimm, Precise (Centro Side) And More. Album Also Includes A Second Disc Screwed & Chopped By DJ OG Ron C. For Pre-Orders You Can Contact Slowpoke on Facebook or Twitter (Links below or after the jump). Tracklist after the jump. Listen To The Album Snippets Below!

Disc 1
1. Concert Intro
2. Music Is My Sanity
3. Buck Shot Anthem
4. Product of Environment (Ft. Mr. Criminal)
5. What's Really Real (Ft. Chino Grande)
6. Catch A Clue
7. Real With Me
8. On My Way Pt. 1
9. Raw Shit (Ft. YBe "Lil Yogi")
10. Right Tonight (Ft. Tony Morgan)
11. Sparkling City (Ft. Flea)
12. Better Run (Ft. Grimm & Precise)
13. Infidelity (Ft. Karla Lopez)
14. Facade (Ft. Fiesty 2 Guns)
15. Nightmares (Ft. Cartoon)
16. On My Way Pt. 2

Disc 2 (Chopped Not Slopped By DJ OG Ron C)
1. Better Run
2. On My Way
3. Facade
4. Music Is My Sanity
5. Product Of Environment
6. Ride Out
7. What's Really Real
8. Put It Down
9. Fuck What U Heard
10. Raw Shit

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