Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lyrics: Conejo - West Side Harpy

Lyrics For Conejo's "West Side Harpy " Song From His "Devil's Playground" Album.

You Already Know Who This Is
With Some West Side Mobster Shit Homie
Right Along Side The Pacific Ocean
Notorious Enemy #1
Man, Lets Get To It

Verse 1:
I'm A West Side Harpy
Out To Robb Fort Knox
I'm The Enemy Link
From These South Side Blocks
I'm A Cruel Regulator
Fiends Love My Rock
And The Coke Make Me Feel
Like A Hennessy Shot
Then I Choke Bitches Out
Like A Violent Porno
Time And Space Re-Arranged
It's A Fucken Inferno
Trying To Blast Me Up
Must Be Out Your Mind
Diabolic Sacrifice
When These Bullets Take Flight
That's Why I Don't Stroll
Ese With Out My Tech
I Got My Heat
Winter Can't Be Felt
And This Be The Place
Where The Junkies Go
To Shoot That Shit
They Call Heroin Dope
It's Where The Devils Play
These Fucken Beats
Analog Masterpiece
Atoms Split Deceased
I Dosed Myself
It Was A Perfect Storm
Then I Gangster Muthafuckers
Out The Game Homeboy
Take Note G
I Serenade The Dead
With My P-Knuckle Players
Drugs All In They Head
No Repentance Dog
Another Day In Hell
Kiss Tomorrow Good Bye
Big Shot Jump Bail

Some Smooth Pimp Shit
West Coast - You Know
That West Side Harpy Shit Homeboy
You Feel Me
This Some Real Shit Right Here

Verse 2:
Call Me A Harpy
Blood Stained The Walls
It All Started Out
Up In Juvenile Hall
Midnight G
Rest A Sure I'm Plotting
As Soon As I Wake
Enemies I'm Dropping
L.A. Be My Home
And It's Required To Kill
It's A Hazard Muthafucker
Trying Test My Skill
You Bitches Playing The Role
About To Bring You Doom
Enemigas Get Hit
With A Gigant Harpoon
It's Family Business
Shoot Up Your Funeral
Ese I'm The General
That Say Shoot Them Boys
You Feel The Mobster Rhymes
Ese I'm The Grand Chef
White And Soda Combined
You Wanna Play With Guns
Then Go Ahead
C-O-N Hitmen
From The Harpys Gang
I Breed Trouble
They Say The Boss A Monster
Two Five - D.E.
Vatos Know The Roster
Off The Block
Notorious Enemy
Ese Outside The Law
Like The Flick White Heat
Soy Trukos
Young Rabbs Capone
Ese Cold Blooded Hits
Contraband In The Zone

You Bitches Already Know Whats Up
With These G Muthafuckas Right Here
It's That HPS Dead End Wild Bunch
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