Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mixtape: Various - Heat Warning Part 2

New Mixtape Presented by Phoenixhiphop.Net Titled "Heat Warning Part 2" Hosted By Dj John Blaze.  This Mixtape Features Several Artists From Arizona Such As Mav Of Sol Camp, Roca Dolla, Bookie, Futuristic, D Boy, OTS, Trap, Kaliq, Zig Zag, Pokafase, G-Moe, And More. Listen/Download Below!

1. Intro
2. E Batt - First Time (Prod. By Izzy Neutron)
3. Young Phee X G Moe - Neiman Marcus
4. Bucc Rogers X Checkin Trapps - Wish Somebody Would
5. Kaliq X Val - What They Gon Tell Me
6. Futuristic - I Got Sauce (Akt Aktion)
7. Delly The Rapper - Party
8. Jp X Riff Raff - Jenny Craig
9. Mav X Zig Zag - Roll Up (Prod. By Zig Zag)
10. Trap X Dirty Dan - Ryda Musik (Prod. By Dirty Dan)
11. Tru Guidry - Fetti Bound
12. Yung Gold - King Me
13. Mob Fam - Bury Me In My J's
14. Neyakmain X Dominichie - Trappin' On My Iphone (Prod. By Neyakmain)\
15. Rtiist - I Go
16. J Slugg X Rocadolla X Jay Melody - Already (Prod. By J Slugg)
17. Dame Luke X Frisko Lay X N8 Jetson - How It Be
18. Double A - Let It Go
19. Pokafase - Salute Me
20. N.A. X DJ M2 - Hierarchy (Prod. By Josh Estes)
21. Bobby Brandnew - Cloud Kicker
22. Yog Westwood X Manish Menace X X.O. - Bakin' Soda (Prod. By Stretch The Monster)
23. OTS X Bookie - Don't Wait (Prod. By D'aaron Anthony)
24. J Rydah - How We Do In Arizona
25. D Boy X Bookie - F Yall (Prod. By Seph)
26. Outro
27. Property Six X Sen Dog - Let's Get Loco
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