Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lyrics: Chino Brown - Love Again (Ft. MC Magic & Jenni Rivera)

Lyrics For Chino Brown's "Love Again" Single Featuring MC Magic & Jenni Rivera, Released Only as A Single And Also as an iTunes Exclusive Bonus Track From MC Magic's "The Rewire" Album.

Mixtape: Xecutive Disorder And J. So - XDJ

Wrecking Spot Music Group Presents a Collaborative Mixtape Between Xecutive Disorder (Syphon & Baby J) And J. So Titled "XDJ". You Can Listen To The Mixtape Below! Check It Out!

1. Dreamscapes Elevated
2. Bad Boys
3. I'ma Be Accomplished
4. Love Jones
5. Lions & Tigers
6. The Real
7. Grind Like A Skater
8. She Got It
9. Fighting Shadows
10. Boyz From The Hood
11. Forever Love
12. Fortissimo
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