Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lyrics: King Lil G - Talk About Me

Lyrics: King Lil G - I'm Your Enemy (Ft. Big Swiisha)
Lyrics For King Lil G's "Talk About Me" Song From His "King Enemy" Album.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Review: Slowpoke - Self Titled (My Demons)

Artist: Slowpoke
Album: Self Titled (My Demons)
Label: Buck Shot Pro.
Year: 2012
Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Here is my first album review for XRU. The album I’m reviewing for you guys today is a new album I was waiting to come out for years titled "Self Titled (My Demons)" by Slowpoke, rap artist from Corpus Christi, Texas. With features like Mr. Criminal (Hi Power), Chino Grande & Fiesty 2 Guns (Charlie Row), Grimm (Dope House Records), YBe (Lil Yogi), Precise (Centro Side Records) no doubt this is a bangin' album. Album also has good production, beats are on point. With a song like "Music Is My Sanity" I can see a lot of people relating to this song, because I can't see myself living my life without music. One of my favorite lines would have to be "Don't worry about what the fuck I do,cause I don't give a fuck about you" pretty much the whole chorus from "Catch A Clue". "Real With Me" is a good song with a dope beat, good lyrics & also includes another one of my fav. lines "I see the bitch in your blood and all the hate in your heart, you tried to switch to a thug but i know you faking the part". My favorite track off the album would have to be "What's Really Real" featuring Chino Grande of Charlie Row Campo / Urban Kings Music Group, this was the first song I ever heard by Slowpoke and introduced me to his music years ago, ever since been a fan. Another fav. songs from the album has to be "On My Way" part 1 & 2, the beat bangs and he's letting us know he will be working more with Charlie Row Campo and not only giving Chino G a shout out but also ending the album with him spitting a few lines when he was incarcerated. Album also includes another disc chopped & screwed by DJ OG Ron C, who has chopped not slopped big names from Drake to UGK, this will be for all the screw heads down south and whoever likes the screwed & chopped sound. It’s a solid album any Chicano Rap fan or Rap fan period should have in their collection! So I reccomend all of you to pick it up! It's available in all major digital stores and for hard copies go to

Monday, December 17, 2012

Video: Annimeanz - Hard Body

With The Launch Of Annimeanz Latest Business Venture "Itsda1st Music Group" The West Coast Latino Releases A New Music Video To A Freestyle He Did With Dj Research Of KDay. Leave A Comment And Let Us Know What You Think!

PREVIOUS: Audio: Annimeanz - Hard Body Freestyle
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