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Lyrics: Conejo - Mama Chola Wengue

Lyrics: Conejo - Mama Chola Wengue
Lyrics For Conejo's "Mama Chola Wengue" Song From His "Children Of The Night" Album.

Huele a Canela
Huele a Miel

Verse 1:
Ojos De Rio
Eyes Of The River
A Goddess Of The Water
Homie She Be The Giver
Fiera Guerrera
La Que Esta Gobernando
Came Down Segundos Poco
The Road Que Yo Ando
So Le Canto
Esta Letra Con Pongo
Something From The Heart
That's Deep En Lo Hondo
For The Priestess
That Channel The Power
It All Boil Down
Seconds, Minutes & Hours
Ella Me Hablo
And Got In My Path
Then It Started Adding Up
Like An Equation Of Math
So Yes
I'm A Listen & Follow
Life Is Evolution
It's On Me Lo Que Hago
So Claro
I Got More To Say
Cause In The Realm Of The Spirit
It Be This Way
So This Is Dedicated
Pa Mi Chola Wengue
Un Saludo Todo Yaya
Enemigo De Tente


Come On

Verse 2:
Regla De Palo
Que Viene Del Cosmos
Estoy Enfrente De Mi Pena
Con Mis Chamalocos
Todos Parte De Mi Fundamento
Aplico La Mayumba
Ahora Estamos A Dentro
Con Los Muertos
Zoque Chola Nengue
And Tell Me What To Do
Pa Que Todo Lo Esquive
Conejo's Crimen
They Combine With The Pista
I Go Into A Trance
Like Cuando Estamos En Misa
That's Real
And That's How I Feel
So I'm A Get Busy
And Show You The Deal
But Only If You Scratch
Cause Everything Secret
With My Peeps I Speak It
I'm Just Doing
What Need To Be Done
Share A Few 100 Words
Of Rights & Wrongs
That Was Done To Me
And Left Me Uneasy
Now It's Love HellRisen
From This Tata Nkisi
The Ceremony
To Make It Much Stronger
It Was Me & Money
To Do The One
That's Full Of Grace
I'm Glad That She Brung
The Message Right To My Face


Come On
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