Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo & Capone - This Is What I Do

Lyrics For Conejo & Capone's "This Is What I Do" Song From Their "Imperial" Album.

Check It Out Lil Homies
This Is What I Want You To Do Right Now
Roll A Joint Of That Fuckin Bomb Ass Indica
Get High & Trip Out On This Shit
Some Smooth Shit
Some Lay'd Back Shit
Fuck It Go & Get Smacked Back
Check It Out

Conejo (Verse 1):
It Was Just A Year Back
I Had Crystal Sacks
It Was Just A Little Something
Aces, Venom & Spanks
I Was Active In The Streets
I Never Gave It No Thought
Jail Time - 3 Strikes
Caught Slippin' & Shot
The Homies In & Out
And Some In For Life
Shady, Syko, Mario
Lil Weasel & Sharks
We From The Park
Off Of Hoover & Adams
Came With The Battle Ram
Cause They Thought They Had Us
We Was Outie 5000 Gee
Not Much In Our Hands
But A Couple Of G's
It Was Strange
Out Of Place To Me
But I Was Gonna Smash
If It Had To Be
10 G's For Hit
Sound Good To Me
Ese Down To Put My Worth
In Felonies
What It Meant To Me
Is What I'll Do For It
Snuff Their Enemies
And I'm Cool With It
See What I'm Saying?

(This Is What I Do)
You See This Where The Money's At Homey
(This-This-This This Is What I Do)
Muthafucking Conejo From That Tattoo Ink Gang
(This Is What I Do)
You Know I'm From The West Side
(This-This-This This Is What I Do)
It's On You Homey
Bring That Shit

Capone (Verse 2):
I Got Some Moves To Make
And Some Risks To Take
Cause Right Now I'm Barely Witnessing
How Everybody Fake
Like Titty Jobs & Fake Lips
Homies Full Of Shit
My Dogs Hiding Out
Cause They Owing A Grip
All These Record Label Exec's
They Rob You To Death
Like They Heisting A Bank
Just Without The Tec
I Sold A Couple 100,000
Still Ain't Seen A Check
I Maintain Selling Snow
To The Fiends I Know
Yeah My Girl She Straight
She Got My Back Regardless
She A Strong Ass Bitch
Backing A Artist
When The Money Straight
I'm A Conquer The Scene
Get At My Boy Chasing Queens
And Drop 16's
Hid The Burrows & The Bricks
In My Audio Disc
Slang To Peckerwoods & Negros - Chinks & Spics
And Sit Back & Smoke A Fat One
Like Mister Bigs
Cause Real Gangsters Bounce Back
That's The Way I Is
You Feel Me?

(This Is What I Do)
To All You Fake Muthafuckers Out There
(This-This-This This Is What I Do)
Suck A 9 Inch Cack
(This Is What I Do)
To All My Fake Ass Homies Fuck You
(This-This-This This Is What I Do)
If You Hate Capone
I Hate You Too
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