Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - She A Snake

Lyrics For Conejo's "She A Snake" Song From His "The Anti-Christ" Mixtape Hosted By Ernie G.

Verse 1 (48 Bars):
I Got a 9 Double M
With The Silencer
Your Bitch Run Her Mouth
You Better Silence Her
Molotov Cocktail
Go Through The Window
Ice Cold Killer
Fucked Up On Indo
Home Invasion
Better Cut The Crap
And Show Me The Stash
With The Fucken Packs
All You Industry Bitches
Think Its A Game
Intensive Care Unit
Puncture Wounds To The Brain
I’m Not The One
You In The Ganglands
Wrong Side Of The Track
Where The West Side Gang Bang
Hit A Small Town Bank
And Count The Bank
Ese Rob Uncle Sam
And Reunite The Fam
Loose Canons
Clean Up The Hood
Ese Only Through The Violence
Am I Understood
Muthafuckers Better Lax
Before They Stabbed In The Shower
Chainsaw Massacre
Grave Site In The Shower
Then I Drive By
And Unload The Drum
Police Get Bribed
So They Act Real Dumb
In The Chaos
Don’t Put Your Guard Down
Muthafuckers See That
And Spit Out Them Rounds
I Spit Fire
And Then I Spit That Caine
Muthafuckers O.D.
I Flatline Your Gang
You Loose Both Your Legs
Ese Take A Wrong Step
Either Crippled Or Dead
I'm A G Muthafucker
From The L.A.C.
You Bitches Wanna Bang
Wanna Get At Me
I'm In Your Hood
Ese Driving Around
With A Fucken S K
Ese Patrolling Your Grounds
Its A Waste Though
There’s Only Smokers And Bums
Ese 3 Scary G's
See The Hummers And Run
Cause They Knowing
What The Fuck That Mean
Ese Killers Jump Out
And Spray The Fuck Out The Scene
As The Story Unfolds
You Contemplate Suicide
Saying Muthafucken Rabbit
Was The Reason He Died
Ese Gun Shot Wounds
All Up In His Head
Ese Profane Lyrics
All Up In My Head
Living Proof
Amongst Thieves I'm King
Ese Hood Certified
Means I Trust No Bitch
Fuck The Court Room
I'll Smoke Your Ass On The Stand
Ese Recapping On The Crimes
That I Did With My Gang
And The Violence
Is My American Way
The Notorious Outfit
Out To Hustle Its Way
From The Demo To The Studio
From The Streets To The Pen
Curb Serve Fucken Birds
Like They Nickels And Tens
This My War Report
And You Bitches Is On It
Ese Dead Man Walking
Ese L.A.'s Most Wanted
C - O - N
He On Your Wifeys Phone
Ese Critically Acclaimed
Ese The Pimp Of The Zone

Chorus (8 Bars):
You Better Chirp That Bitch
And Ask Her Why
She Ran Off With The Gang
And Robbed You Blind
She A Snake Though
And You A Sucker Mang
I'm A Fax You A Flick
Of Me Flossing Your Chain
I'm A Slang Your Ride
I'm A Keep Your Sounds
I'm A Fuck Your Bitch
I'm A Show Her How
She A Snake Though
I'm Not A Sucka Mang
You Could Have That Slut
Cause I'm A Do My Thang
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