Monday, April 15, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - High Grade

Lyrics For Conejo's "High Grade" Song From His "The Garden Of Blood And Bones" Album.

Let's Smoke

Verse 1:
I Smuggle In My Raps
In Every Side Of My Corners
They Waitin' For My Orders
To Bust Them Burners
I Warn You
My Shit Is Potent Dog
Big 9 In My Pocket
Thousand Pounds Is Gone
I'm Big G - R
Vatos Know The Rest
Ese A Double B
Scud Missile Your Chest
War Hopper
Shook All Them Copers
Test Me & I'll Rock You
I'm A G Flow Dropper
The Angel Of Death
Te Pego Un Levanton
Take Your Ass To The Zone
Naked City
Late Night In The City
You're Fucking Dead Wrong
Thinking We Got A Treaty
You Wanna See Me?
Then Put On Your Goggles
I Shine So Hard
I Blind All Of My Rivals
To The Fucking End
I'm Talking Armageddon
Because We Are Condemned

Listen I'm High Grade Type Of M.C.
Yeah One Of The Greatest
That Ever Done It
Fool I'm A Champion
You Know What I'm Sayin?
Even Though Sometimes
Gots To Tone It Down
Cuz I Might Lose You Mutherfuckers
But Never The Less
I'm Here To Defend Whats Ours
It's Like - It's Like
It's Like This..

Verse 2:
I'm A Product
Like Meth & Caine
That Pure China White
That Mary Jane
So If Haters Wanna Jack
Don't Forget I'm The Mack
I Splurge With My Strap
And Put Some Holes In Your Back
Ol' Girl
In The Parking Lot
Wanna Suck On My Dick
Cause The Mixtape Hot
It's For The Block
Every Single Verse
I'm In A Soundproof Room
Un-Dispersing A Curse
Streets Heard
That I Put In Some Work
Muthafuckas Think It's Bad
Then It's About To Get Worse
I'm From A Hood
That's Much Like Yours
Enemigas Wanna Ride
And Kick Down Doors
That’s What The K For
And The Israeli Semi
Ese Hemi's Catch Up
And Sprayed The Fuck Up The Chevy
Now We Buried
In The Cemetery
50K For The Hit
On My Adversary

Hold Up I Said
I'm High Grade Type Of M.C. Homeboy
You Know What I'm Sayin?
My Shit Is After Me
A Prize Winning Muthafucking Pitbull
A Title Holder
I Got Nothing To Prove
Thats Why I'm So Serene On This One

Verse 3:
I Fly
From L.A. To Miami
White Girls Everywhere
Shady Deal In The Alley
With The Price
Worth A Ticket
Depending On Your State
Man That's The Digit
You Say You Whit It?
Break It Down & Whip It
Fool Them California Boys
Pull Them M-16s
Dead Wishes
Then We Mash Out
Ese Muthafuckas Know
What Ce-O-Ene About
Getting Money
My Boy Caught Them Thangs
Homie Straight From Colombo
To His Chi-Town Ring
I'm A Rap Kingpin
With Them Eagle Wings
Touch Down Wrong Way
And Unload Them Bricks
All In The Mix
Out To Get What’s Mine
Like A Muthafucking Primo
Weed & Coke Combined
Bottom Line
I Own The Store
Multiply 3 Times
Genocide Or War

High Grade Yeah..
Check This Out
Un-Exceeding, Unexcelled & Unsurpassed
That's Me
Basically I'm Dominating This Right Now
Even Though I Got Muthafuckas
Tryin' To Slow Down My Operations
Don't Matter We Active
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