Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - Hoover Park Ways

Lyrics For Conejo's "Hoover Park Ways" Song From His "The Bootlegs Vol. 7" Album.

Verse 1:
These Are My Hoover Park Ways
And The Way I Butcher Tracks
I Leave Your Peoples Amazed
The Catacombs
Where I Made My Home
Cause The Atmosphere Was Right
For Me To Toke On A Zone
I’m Working Roots
And I Got On My Boots
Its A Muthafucken Jungle
I’m The First One To Shoot
Like We In Beirut
And If Its Over Money
Bout To Be A Dispute
They Call Me C Mack 11
Bailing Counting My Loot
So Catch Me If You Can
If You In Hot Pursuit
If Not You Regroup
In Your Computer Compute
The Suspect Got Away
He Was Lost On Route
Ese This Is What I Do
Every Day Of The Week
I’m Savage With The Flow
When The Enemy Speak
About Me
I’m From The L.A. County
I Came A Long Way
From Slanging Music In Swap Meets
But The Story
Is A Fucken Movie
Bet Your Rich Comrades
Would Invest If They Knew Me
Think Back
To All I’ve Done
I Took You All With Me
On A Dangerous Run
Like A One Night Affair
With Amapola
Ese Finger Banging Bitches
Licking Areola
No Ones Colder
Than Your Boy G’rabbs
A Cemetery Dance
While Invoking The Past
Bela Lugosi
With The Demons Mostly
I Don’t Need A Prize
Or A Fucken Trophy
I’m A Dope Fiend
And My Fix Is Fire
I Light Up My Cohiba
Let Events Transpire
Cease Fire
And Then Continue Again
With The Power Of The Strap
I’ll Kill All Of Your Men
A Fatal Circle
About The Size Of An Inch
Was The Hole In His Chest
Eyes Open - No Flinch
Hypodermic Syringe
Bring Serenity
Ese Killer From The West
My Identity
But Allegedly
I Was Accused By You
While I’m Off In The Dojo
Doing Goju Ryu
And Respectfully
Your Ass Is Wrong
So Retract All Your Statements
Before Your Ass Is Gone
Like An Abortion
You Get No Clemency
I Got Venom For You Rappers
On This Melody
Its A Penalty
For No Moral Ethics
And My Arsenal Increase
With Support On The Streets
Fool You Pathetic
Someone Get Em A Medic
With His Played Out Style
Ese Vatos A Relic
I Monopolize The Game
Ain’t No Room To Breathe
Gots To Put Em In Their Hole
Six Feet - Beneath
You No Longer In Use
El Angel De La Muerte
Got All Of The Juice
So If Its Dry
Like The Sahara Desert
And Vatos Need Work
Then we Got That Treasure
Every Thing Is Measured
Out Of Everybody Out
I Don’t See A Successor
Giving Pressure
I’m Fucking Raising The Bar
All You Crash Course Dummies
Know Who You Are
My Beliefs
In The A.T.R'S
Me Raye En Palo Monte
Now I Carry These Scars
You Want A War?
With Zeus Himself?
Send Poseidon To Go Drown You
Hades Take You To Hell
And Let Those Who Enter
Leave Hope Behind
Cause Here Lies Death
With In These Murderous Rhymes
So When The Axe Man Cometh
Do Not Disturb
Absorb What You Can
Then Shut The Door
I’m In A Meeting
With My Top Lieutenants
Their Orders Are To Rob
And Show The World We A Menace
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