Monday, April 22, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - Life In The Fast Lane

Lyrics For Conejo's "Life In The Fast Lane" Song From His "Manifesto" Album.

Man Fuck That
I Ain't Sell Shit TO Nobody
Man I Don't Even Know What You Talkin' About
Show Me The Marked Bills

Verse 1:
Been Awake 2 Weeks
I Been In The Lab
Paranoia So Deep
It Could Get You Stabbed
That Bad
You About To Hit The Slab
Headbutt You To The Face
A Left For A Jab
Then I Grab
The Artillery Yo
Ese ICE Around The Corner
This Is My Plateau
Hard To Kill
Got The Black Automatics
At The House At 28th
Serving All The Addicts
Metal Cash - Short Temper
Need A Pass To Enter
Turn Me Up A Notch
Front & Center
Thirst Quencher
I'm A Keep On Running
Homie Past, Present, Future
Gotta Keep On Gunnin'

Verse 2:
Baby Girl
In Them Booty Shorts
I Put Her On The Team
Now She Post At The Courts
She Imports
The Pussy Right
Depending On Your Stacks
She Could Spend The Night
Back To The White
And The Pyrex Pot
Good Coke Bad Coke
Ese Like It Or Not
A Train Of Thought
Drive Fast Ride Slow
Ese Killer From The West
Out To Get That Doe
Bad Fellas
Living That Life
Ese Catch You Off Guard
With My Switch Blade Knife
Line Of Sight
Got A Poem To Recite
But The Fucking F.E.D's
Gon' Try To Indict Me
We Gon' Fight
What I'm Talking About
Got A Few Screws Loose
Plus The Drug Abuse
No Excuse
Your Whole Crew Reduced
Got Muthafuckas Spun
Off The Shit I Produce

Verse 3:
Money Matters
So Jaws Get Shattered
This Next Level
So Your Brains Get Splattered
Climbed The Ladder
To Success
Ain't No Cutting Corners
You Get Put To Rest
So Go Ahead
And Have Your Muscle
Incase You Get Involved
In A Vicious Tussle
I Crush You
Cause I Know I Can
Show These Muthafuckers
How The Big H Bang

Verse 4:
No News Good News
I Heard 'Em Say
Them Oxy Pills
Got Me Sleeping Away
Aah Man
You Plugged In Con La Gente
I'm Coming At Ya Raw Dog
Straight For La Mente
Product Coming
Bars Turn Into Bullets
Drink Cognac
Do It To The Fullest
No Joke
I Need Some Smoke
To Take You On A Viaje
Like That's All Folks
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