Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lyrics: OG Kid Frost - Bang Bang (Feat. Lil Rob, Guzzilla Tha Monster & M.O)

Lyrics For OG Kid Frost's "Bang Bang" Song Featuring Lil Rob, Guzzilla Tha Monster & M.O From His "Old School Funk" Album.

Thea Trinidad (Intro):
This Is Thea Trinidad AKA Rosita
And You're Listening To Old School Funk
Old West Baby

My Baby Shot Me Down

Guzzilla Tha Monster (Verse 1):
Met Her Early In The Year
Can't Forget Her Curly Hair
Or Them Eyes Or Them Thighs
Oh Yeah & That Derriere
Saw Her At The Jewelry Shop
Over Said I Love To Shop
Gucci Frames - Gucci Watch
No Wedding Ring
My Heart Just Dropped
She Said Hi, How You Doing?
But I Couldn't Talk
Speechless - Jesus
She Hotter Than Tabasco Sauce
But I'm A Boss
So You Know I Put That Mack Down
Spit A Lil Gee At Her
End Up At Her Pad Now
Got Her Hot
Steamed Her Up
Panties Coming Down Now
She Got Hers - I Got Mine
Both Of Us Just Passed Out
Put Too Much Trust In Her
Should've Never Trusted Her
Guess We Learn From Mistakes Too Late
blaauuww blaauuww

Bang Bang
Bang Bang
Bang Bang
She Shot Me Down (Old West Baby)
My Baby Shot Me Down

Verse 2:
She Was Imported From Mexico
Like A Whole P Of Brick Weed
Mind Off Weed - The Cannabis
Leaned Up In The Bed Sheets
I Met Her Out In S.D.
Said She Had A Shoe Fetish
Got My Brain Racing
I'm Patient
Man She Big Headed
Regretted The Rest
She Called Me The Best
Just A New School Diva
Fiendin' For Some Old West
I Put Her Through Some Tests
And She Was Failing Every One Of 'Em
(Oh Man She Played You Too?)
Man I'm The OG I Be Runnin' 'Em
Listen Little Sonny
I'm Not Funny Bout My Money
I'm That Ice Cold Frost
And I Could Show You How She Loves Me
Texts On My Phone
100 Calls - My Phone's Blown
She Wears All Of My Shirts
Until She Smells Like My Cologne

Bang Bang
Bang Bang
Bang Bang
She Shot Me Down
My Baby Shot Me Down

Lil Rob (Verse 3):
It Was Once Said
The Sweetest Woman In The World (World *echo*)
Could Be The Meanest Woman In The World
If You Make Her That Way (Make Her That Way *echo*)
Her Heart Was True
But My Heart Went Out To Play
It Went Out On Fridays, Saturdays
And Sundays Too
Man I Was Just A Fool
Doing What A Man's Gonna Do
But It's Cool
I Was Smooth
She Won't Find Out
That's Impossible
Now I'm Laying In The Hospital
Bandaged From Feet To Head
I Didn't Think My Woman
Would Do Something Like This To Me
I Didn't Think The Girl Had The Nerve
I Guess Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Chorus 2 W/ Lil Rob:
Bang Bang
She Pulled The Cuete It Went
Bang Bang
She Pulled The Trigger 2 Times
Bang Bang
She Shot Me Down
My Baby Shot Me Down
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