Monday, May 13, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - I Wanna Take My Life

Lyrics For Conejo's "I Wanna Take My Life" Song From His "Grimoire" Album.

Verse 1:
There's Times
I Wanna Take My Life
Maybe With A Gat
Or Maybe A Knife
Or Maybe A Pill
Cyanide Is Real
I'm On The Avenue Of Death
Where The Chronic Kill
I'm The Torment
To These Others
No More Pictures
On My Album Covers
Cause Someone
Is Straight Hatin' The Flow
It's On Tonight Muthafucka
That I'm Running The Show
So In The End
Who Will Remain?
Ce - O - Ene
Homie Killing The Game
I'm Going Hard
From My House In Hell
Got Stolen Drug Money
In A Storage Cell
So Yell
If You Fucken Hear Me
Then Blaze One Up
Listen To My Theories
Sound Ire
Supernatural - Strange
Nine Ninety-Nine
And We Can Make An Exchange
I Could Arrange
To Have You Shot Long Range
And Show The Definition
Of The Word Derange
I'm In A Cage
But Can't See The Boss
Scarface Dos
Ghetto Superstar
All I See
Is Black & White Cop Cars
First Chance They Get
And They Coming For Ours
I Spit Bars
Ese Into The Night
Even Though Sometimes
I Wanna Take My Life
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