Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - Nightmare

Lyrics For Conejo's "Nightmare" Song From His "Nightmare Legacy" Album.

Verse 1:
I'm A Nightmare Dog
Una Pesadilla
Emiliano Zapata
Francisco Villa
The Master Plan
Is In Effect Already
Cause My Devious Thoughts
Flooding The Block On Steady
Dead Prez.
Ben Frank
They Gang File Checkin'
My Face Come Up
With His Crew He Wreckin'
At Place That I’m Going
I Don’t Need A Beat
Cause I’m Lyrically Sowin'
I Refuse To Quit
I Don’t Know Defeat
My Digital Release
Circulating The Street
I Stay Strapped
Yeah Believe That Boy
I Shoot If You Move
Like My Son Up In Juv.
Committing Crime Just Biz
Its All Routine
Nobody Make A Sound
While I Get This Green
Don’t Take The Hard Way Out
I Got Dirt To Kick Up
Another Dead Body
That The Coroner Pick Up

Verse 2:
So What You Want?
Cause I Got What You Want
If You Want A 10 Freeway
You Can Exit Vermont
I Got Crack
But If You Crave That Meth
I Accommodate Your Need
Just Like We Agreed
True That
I’ma Keep On Living
Metaphorically Spoken
C-Rock So Driven
Then I Stagger Out The Building
Jump Into A Limo
I Was Partying With Some Vultures
Had Some Bitches For Dinner
It Was A Dream
To Enter The Game
But I Rip It To Shreds
Freddy Kruger My Name
The CDC Image
I'm A Number One Artist
With My Platinum Pen
I Write Audio Diamonds
Give A Fuck I Destruct
Then Take It To Heights
Where Life Is Cheap
And They're Reading My Rights
External Hard Drive
Got 100 Songs
Leave Without A Clue
But To I It Belong

Verse 3:
I'm In Your Eardrum
Call Me The Neighborhood Chief
A Burglar And A Thief
Specified I Want Beef
To Keep The Suckers In Line
Influential With Mine
Slippers In Arroba
Bled A Couple Of Times
For The Bread
You Could Keep All The Pennies
I Started Fucking Wars
In The Minds Of Many
Its All Good Though
They Were Fundamental
I Live Far Away
Smoking A Cuban
Lookin' At My Knife
And I'm Thinking Bout Pops
In And Out Of My Life
And What You Call A Poem
I Call A Curse
I'm A Radical Version
Of An Angel Immerse
The Foes I Press Em
The Hoes I Bless Em
I'm Wild As A Joker
A Pyro Broker
Latin Jazz
Got Me Chillin'
Devising Paragraphs
At The Fucking Pavilion

I'm A Nightmare
I'm A Nightmare
I'm A Nightmare
I'm A Nightmare
Bring It Back

Listen On Some Real Shit
Ain't Nobody Trying To Sign Us
They Want Some Fake Ass Wannabe Pop Muthafucker On They Roster
But It Don't Even Matter
Cause Ain't Nothing No Bitch Ass Label Could Do For Me
That I Ain't Done For Myself Already
You Feel Me?
They Some Scary Ass Muthafuckas Anyway
Talking About They Could Do This
And They Could Do That
But When It Comes Down To It
They Wanna Hide & Play Phone Tag
Like A Little Girl
Time Don't Stop For No One My Boy
We Might Just Have To Drive This Muthafucka In To The Ground
And Bury The West Coast Once & For All
Yeah, What You Think?
What You Think I'm Playin'?
I'm Serious Like World War 3
Notorious Felony Case
I'm Coming For You Bitches

Shout out to Juan Ramirez for the lyrics, fixed a few mistakes here and there, I also added the chorus & outro.
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