Monday, June 17, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - Rap Magazine

Lyrics For Conejo's "Rap Magazine" Song From His "Undisputed" Mixtape.

(Playing Curtis Mayfield  - Right On for the Darkness)
I Am Blind & I Cannot See

Ladies & Gentlemen
This Another Notorious Enemy
Felony Case Entertainment Exclusive
And I Am C-O-N
The Driving Force
Behind All These Projects
For Many Years Now
Let's Ride

Verse 1:
Fuck A Rap Magazine
I Roll With Force
Cause I'll Never See My Face
In The Fucken Source
So Behold
A Pale White Horse
Getting Over On The System
Is The Shit I Endorse
Ain't Too Many
That Could Do What I Does
And Maybe That’s Because
I'm Plugged In With The Drugs
I Shrug
When They Play Me Your CD
That’s Why I Can't Leave
Cause Muthafuckers Is Fiending
This Ain’t No Rappers Delight
I'm On Some Schoolly D
I'm Smoking Primos Tonight
And Slamming Some Dope
If I Get Stuck In The Zone
Tecatone To The Bone
Where’s My Methadone
The Metradome
Keep The Beat On Time
So Move To The Side
With Your Nursery Rhymes
And Let This Pro
Unleash The Flow
That Got You Fixing In The Back
That Tar And Snow
Out This World
My Girls Nipples Popping Out
With The Camel Toe
I'm A Child Of War
Surrounded By Whores
You Want A 50 Double Up
Come Knock On My Door
Cause That’s The Way
I Paint A Canvas
Old Steve Yano
Should Of Signed Me To Skanless
But He Didn’t
So I Signed Myself
Nothing I Release
Ever Sit On A Shelf
My Whole Catalog
Is A Epidemic
I'm In The Meth Lab
Like A Fucken Chemist
I'm A Dentist
And You A Cavity Bitch
Extract Your Ass
For Being A Snitch
Then Put A Hex
On All You Rejects
Saying That You Next
That Your Style Is Complex
I Send A Text
To My Boy In Quebec
Ese Hit Em With Some Ice
He Receive Through Fed Ex
Paper Coming Back
Within 24
Electronic Stash
In The Passenger Door
The Funds I Invest
In A Civil War
I Got 2 Blond Freaks
On The Floor
Eating Out Each Others
Fucken Cookie
C-Loco’s O.G.
Ese You A Rookie
Playing Hooky
Go Back To Junior High
Before I Have The Lil Homies
Do You A Drive By
This Is Real
As They Get
Just Watch The News
On Your T.V. Set
I Play Roulette
The Russian Style
Ese You Could Check
Through The Rank And File
Stay A While
And Witness The Violence
Maybe On You
If You Don’t Keep The Silence
Now Its Minus
You My Boy
You Bit The Bait
Decoy - Destroy
Now Get This Message
To Javie Lopez
So I Could Swarm
Like A Pack Of Locust
To Anything
That He Put In My Way
I Hang With My Dogs
Like Omar Say
J - O
S - To The - E
That’s My Name
On This Cali I.D.
M - A
R - T - I - N
De Los Altos De Jalisco
Like My Gramps And Them
That Mean I'm With The Business
8 Car Caravan
Homie Built To Kill This
Tilt This
Fucken Bottle
And Pour Me A Shout
12 - O - Clock Movado
Time To Go & Get That Doe $
Guaranteed I’ll Be Back
Before You're Put In The Morgue
Its Time To Forge
A Fucken Alliance
Between All Of Us
That Live In Defiance

Right Now I Want All You Rappers To Get Up
Stand With Me
Lets Salute The Fans
Cause Without Them
None Of This Would Be Possible
Know What I'm Sayin?
Long Live Our People
This Is Our Culture
Yeah C-Rock
The Undisputed King Of This Shit
Signing Off
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