Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lyrics: Brown Pride - Still Livin' In The Barrio

Lyrics For Brown Pride's "Still Livin' In The Barrio" Song From The "Southside Riders Vol. 3" Compilation.

Still Livin' In The Barrio

Verse 1:
Real G's Coming From The Harbor Area Streets
You Can't Fuck With The Vato
That's Much Too Deep In This Shit
Call Survival Of The Fittest
Put Up Your Hands
Are You A Homie Or A Witness?
To Explain Where I'm Coming From
Stand Your Ground Like A Man
I Don't Know What You're Running From
Now We're Back
And It's Much Too Much
Vatos Trippin' In The Dark
From The Slightest Touch
Of The Cuete
Load Up The Balazos & Bust
See The Homies In The G Ride
Kicking Up Dust Is A Must
But You Can't Touch
When I'm Hittin' Switches
So Grab The Nine
And Straight Handle These Sons' Of Bitches
And That's Life In The Area Son
You Better Handle Your Shit
Or We're Burying One
Of Your Homeboys
Should I Say Levas?
Getting Crazed
The Pride Has Spoken With The Steels
So Stack The Gauge
I Wanna See All These Putos Drop
Always Climbing In Our Rhyming
Till We Hit The Top
And You Can't Kill This
Dying So Much Harder
Then That Fool Bruce Willis
Bullet Proof like The Rest Of My Crew
Ain't No Stoppin'
What’s True Fool
You Could Try All Day
But Its Close At Hand
I'm Seeing Vision Of The Harbor
Is My Promise Land Yeah
And You Better Keep Runnin'
Because You Can't Stop
What You Don't See Comin'

Ooh Yeah
Vatos Cholos
Ooh Yeah
Still Livin' In The Barrio
Ooh Yeah

Verse 2:
Well Its The Vato From The Pride
Cruising Through The Hood
Same Ol' Thing
Still Up To No Good
Drinkin' Forties
Having Good Times
Still Getting Paid
For Those Gangsta Rhymes
As I Pick Up Tone
And The Rest Of The Crew
Headed To The City Of The "W"
In The HA
That's Where We Stay
Where The Real OG's
Make The Gun Play
It's Been 3 Years
Since You Heard The Pride
Now We're Back Again
In Another Hoo-Ride
Chillin', Dealin' And Wheelin'
Spot A Few Hynas
Don't Fight That Feelin'
Chill For A Bit
To Take A Hit
Hit Up My Loc To Pass The Indo Smoke
And Now We're Feelin' Good You See
Four Vatos Cruising High In A 63'
And If You Don't Know
Exactly What I Mean
We're Just Digging That Scene
With A Gangsta Lean
Going Up & Down The Block
And It Don't Stop
Till We Get The Hoochies Hot

Vatos Cholos
Ooh Yeah
Still Livin' In The Barrio
Ooh Yeah

Verse 3:
So Come On Down
Fool You'll Get Beat Down
By A Crazy Muthafucka
With Brown Skin
Where Do I Begin?
Just Dump My Rounds In A Puta
I Fuck Around And Shoot Ya
And With A Heart Of A Soldier
I Don't Give A Damn
If You're Young Or You're Older
I Told Ya Little Punk Ass First
Come Down In Taken Out In A Hearse
Now We're Wanted For That Homicide
Pride Slip & Slide
And Then Glide In The G Ride

Verse 4:
Well I Throw Up The W
For The West Coast
The "E"'s For The Town
Where I Throw Down
So What The Fuck You Gonna Do Now Loc?
When I'm Rollin' On The Other Side
Of The Gun Smoke
Cry Like A Bitch
Or Run Like A Leva
But You Know Damn Well
You Can't Out Run My Escopeta
Yeah Feel The Gun Blast
And Now You Got Another Fucken Gun Stashed
Just Four Vatos Cholos
You Just Can't Trust
And You Know Damn Well
There's No Stopping Us

Vatos Cholos
Ooh Yeah
Still Livin' In The Barrio
Ooh Yeah

Vatos Cholos
Ooh Yeah
Still Livin' In The Barrio
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