Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - Got You In My Raps

Lyrics For Conejo's "Got You In My Raps" Song From His "Undisputed" Mixtape.

If There's Something On Your Mind
(What's Up C-O-N?)
And You Feel You Want To Shake It
(Its Your Boy G Man)
(I Just Had To Come Through With This)
Let It Go And Let It Fall
(That's Right)
Leave It But You Don't Have To Chase It
(We Ain't Gotta Chase Nothin')

Verse 1:
I Got You In My Raps
Like A Trigger Man Keep
Hollow Points In His Gat
Green Backs
And Many Set Backs
Muthafuckas Out Of Line
Best Believe I Check That
I'm Sane Now
It Lay Heavy On My Mind
That’s Why This D Boy
Homie Always On The Grind
All The Time
I Be Smoking This Yerba
All These Weak Ass Bitches
Me Pelan La Verga
Recognize Their Get Up
Playa Been At War
You Could Download A Couple
At The iTunes Store
I'm A Fugitive Rapper
The Best Rapper Alive
The Blocks Stay Hot
But I'm Built To Survive
And C Mack 11
Is The Name I Go By
Smoke & Patron Dog
Up In The G Ride
I Pull Up To The Curb
Unload A Clip & Step
Misdemeanor Death Threat
Leave You Dead On The Set
And My Poetry Known
In The State & In The Feds
By Some Real Muthafuckas
Not Your Average Head
You Not Like Me
I Go To Enemy Turf
Ese Locked & Loaded
I Do My Dirt
So Play My Shit
If You A DJ
If Not I'll Introduce
My Fucken AK
See Down Low
I'm Scarface Dos
Mister Angel Of Death
Blowing Cali Dro
I Start Riots
And Burn Down Cities
This Is Hell On Earth
She Tat My Name On Her Titty
I Know Crack
And Homie This Is Crack
Ese Gang Signs Up
H-P-S On My Back
I'm On It
These Are Battlefield Lyrics
I Feel Like I'm Flying
With The Ancient Spirits
But Wait
A Girl Popping That Pussy
She A Bad Little Bitch
Let Me Fuck Her - Excuse Me
I See The Car
Before The Storm
West Side Rhyme Spit
Loco This Hardcore
The Cannon Point It
Got 'Em In My Sight
I Hustle Over Here
Territory Is Mine
I Live Phat
But Gotta Watch For The Rats
Cause For A Piece Of Cheese
They'll Drop A Dime On The Trap
You Ain't Real
So Get On With That
If Not Muthafucka
Here's A Poisonous Snail
I'm The Hidden Hand
Behind It All
Ese Underground King
With Killers On Call
So Walk On By
Or You'll Die On My Street
Ese Take A Good Look
I'm Novacane To The Beat
Hit The Deck
Lethal Weapons On Deck
This Is Mind Over Matter
Ghetto Intellect
You Got Something To Prove
You's A Dumb Muthafucka
Cause I Bust On You
For The Profit
I'll Bring The Drama
Homie C Rap In Danger
I Got Body Armor
Gotta Do This
To The Radio Suckas
Send 'Em Up The River
In A Wooden Coffin
I'm Coca Boy
Even My Conscious White
I Snort A Whole Kilo
Almost Every Night
That's Life
Got A Porn Star Wife
I Put My Dick In Her
That's What She Likes

C-O-N AKA The Living Legend
Ernie G.
High Caliber - Notorious Enemy
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