Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - Undisputed

Lyrics For Conejo's "Undisputed" Song From His "Undisputed" Mixtape.

(Michael Buffer's Lets Get Ready To Rumble Intro)

Verse 1:
Got The Blood Shed Lyrics
That Perish The Rivals
Bullets Burn Their Body
Their Dead On Arrival
Cause Nobody Got A Conscious
Now N Days
I Speak Like A Pimp
From The Carvery
Executing A Chump
Is A Daily Habit
I'm Flipping The Script
Full Clip Automatic
This Is Knowledge
All You Love Sick Rappers
Ese Trying To Be Commercial
I'm Just Controversial
Stay Tuned
Cause I'm A Make Em Pay
Ese Carry Out My Plan
That’s The Order A Day
This My Dominion
Over The Remainder
Suckas In The Business
Claimin' Present Danger
Wrong Place
I'm Coming For That Ass
You Could Try To Clash
Guaranteed I Smash
Toe Tag - Body Bag
For A Peace Of Mind
Muthafucken C-Rock
Gonna Push The Line
And Betrayal
Is Everywhere
Its Beyond What You Know
They Ain't Playin' Fair
But This Is How
I Operate On The Daily
I Got You My Boy
With This Fucken Israeli
I'm A Composer
Of The Hardcore Rhyme
But This Ain't Rap
This Organized Crime
The Cars In Effect
Could Get You Checked
And Me The Most Wanted
Murder Suspect

Soy Big C Rock
Notorious Enemy - Felony Case Ent.
Fuck With Us
You See.. I Don't Even Need To Tell You
Cause You Knowing
Muthafuckas Gonna Get That Work
Here We Go

Verse 2:
I Roll With The Riders
That Got That Work
A Serial Killer
When I Manifest
I Appeal To The Streets
In The Moment Of Truth
The Voice Get Heard
Smoked Out In The Booth
My Advice
If You Wanna Live
No Game Muthafucka
I Just Came To Win
The Words Coded
I'm In Demand
The Metropolis
Ese Where You Stand
These Fools Here Today
But Tomorrow Gone
Check Don't Sweat
My Technique Is Bomb
I Blow Up The Spot
My Concentration Deep
If This Is Beneath
I'm Breaking Your Teeth
Cause When I Brain Storm
This Is Chaos Magic
It Come In The Form
Of Somethin' Tragic
Then You're Doomed
You're In Memory Of..
And Me In The Pad
Homie Twistin' A Dub
So Say Your Prayers
On Your Knees
Cause If I Drop A Song
Sabotage Your Release
This Is How We Talk
On Them Dead End Blocks
Ese Green Eyes - Chiva
And Of Course The Rocks
No Rest
Just The Promise Of Death
And Everytime I Speak
Your Baby Mama Get Wet
Your Body Guards
Need Some Paramedics
Cause The Hole In Their Kit
Gave 'Em More Than A Headache

Saludo Para Bandit
Chino White - Deporte
Bugsy & Venom
And To All You Muthafuckas That’s Hatin'
Por Que Saben
Homito I'm Just Gettin' Started
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