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Lyrics: Lil Shady Boy - Tha Statement Pt. 2

Lyrics For Lil Shady Boy's "Tha Statement Pt. 2" Song From His "Shadez Of Grey" Album.

Lil Shady Boy
Last Track
I Got A Lot To Get Off My Chest
So I Just Figure
I Just Spit This Whole Notebook
Check It

Verse 1:
You Can't Make Me Or Break Me
In The Pit Where The Snakes Be
Differentiate Me From The Ragged
Where The Fakes Be
And When I'm In That Cage G
I'm Higher Than The Stakes Be
Praying For My Fam
While You Praying For Your Safety
Born To Be A King
But Life Had Different Plans
Can't Convince Me I'm Not
I Know That I Am
So Many Doubted I Could Do It
I'm Not Easily Influenced
Me & My Producer Fushuz
Only Drop The Truest Music
For The Ones That Never Made It
And The Incarcerated
Where You're Easily Forgotten
Ain't Nobodies Favorite
Watch Your Kids Grow Up In Pictures
Frustration Got You Pacing
And Your Letters Never Seem To Make It
To Their Destination
Can't Fix Broken Glass
So You Left With The Pieces
But You Keep It Deep Inside
Like It's Your Dirty Little Secret
It's Cold When You're Alone
Before You Know Your Heart Freezes
And The Pain That Never Seizes
From Days To Counting Seasons
The Statement Part 2
Better Than The First
The Realest Verse
Is Music Took A Turn For The Worst
This Goes Out To Anybody
Whose Ever Felt Pain
Whose Ever Felt Alone
And They Always Wish Away
From The World More & More
When Ever They Get Down
So For Those Who Loved & Lost
And Loved Again With The Same Outcome
And Those Who Wonder
How Come Life You Always End Up Down
They Move Their Feet
And Always Seem To End Up On The Ground
For The Lost Souls
Wishing They Die
For The Ones Without A Voice
Just Listen To Mine
Living Their Whole Life
Knowing Something Missing Inside
Everybody Went Away
He's Person To Die
For That Little Ghetto Boy
Who Needs Some Understanding
Cause He Wonders What He Did
So Bad To Be Abandoned
And Where To Call Home
Tired Of Always Hurtin'
And All He Really Knows
Is How It Feels To Be A Burden
This Verse Is For The Person
Who's Certain That They're Cursed
And What’s Worse To Reverse
Gotta Muster Up The Courage
Not The Kind You See
In The Heart Of A Rider
Real Test Of The Courage
I'm Referrin' To Require
Like Enduring Pain
When The Whole World's Empty
Still Staying Righteous
With Everyone Against Me
I'm Misunderstood
With The Courage To Stand Alone
It Takes Courage To Be Faithful
When No One Will Ever Know
To Not Give Up On Love
After Plenty Heart Ache
Is Learning To Forgive
When All You Feel Is Hate
Is Overcoming Anything
That Gets in Your Way
And Finding The Strength It Takes
To Face Another Day
To Face Reality
When You Can't Take It No More
I Learned How To Smile
When Your Heart Still Soar
Learning How To Laugh
When You Really Wanna Cry
Learning How To Live
When All You Wanna Do Is Die
Time Ain't On My Side
Life's Moving Fast
So I'm A Spit This Rap
Like Its My Muthafucking Last
Its A Shady Ass Life
I'm Lost In A Spell
Locked In A Cell
Can't Help But Dwell
I Started Thinkin' Bout The Shit
That Got Me To This Point
Ain't Got A Letter In Forever
But Just Hustled Up A Joint
I Take It To The Neck
And Go Back To The Beginnin'
When I First Caught My Case
And All The Lessons It Would Give Me
At The Time I Couldn't See
The Lessons It Would Bring
Tired Of Being A Fiend
So I Chose To Get Clean
All The Pain & The Stress
Had An Ese Feeling Empty
Trying To Focus But I'm Hopeless
I Got All The Odds Against Me
If It Ain't Love Problems
Its Drug Problems
Fighting 7 With An L
Like I Don't Got Enough Problems
Inhaling Pain
Exhaling Sorrow
They Say Time Is Money
Well My Time Is Borrowed
Life As I See It
Is A Hard Pill To Swallow
Living In A World
Where Most Friendships Are Hollow
Hanging On To Love
That I Know Will Never Be
She Says She Wants A Man
Not A Fading Memory
Through Griding Teeth I Watch
As Our Love Falls To Shambles
I Wanna Change The Station
But I Don't Got No Other Channels
I Live On Broken Memories
To Get Me Through The Day
Sometimes I Read Your Old Letters
I'm Ashamed To Say
See I'm Familiar With The Pain
My Heart Won't Let Me Forget
Engraded In My Brain
The Only Piece Of You That's Left
Writing Songs You'll Never Hear
Letters That Won't Reach You
Wonderin' In Vain
If You Ever Think Of Me Too
And That's About The Time
That My Pain Turns To Anger
When I Needed You The Most
You Turned Yourself Into A Stranger
Time Stops For Me
Frozen In The Times
When We Were Kicking It
I've Come To Understand
The Feeling Of Being Insignificant
I Use To Say You're Wishing
That Sure Was A Lil Different
You Never Liked My Life
And Left The First Chance You Given
Time Heals All Wounds
This Place Has Become Mean
No Room For Lovey Dovey
Cursing You And Hear Nothing
My Heart Turn Cold
Being Behind The Walls
Where A Man Must Lift Himself Alone
Each Time He Slips & Falls
Living By The Standards
Said On A Prison Yard
Where The Tough Crumble
And The Weak Get Hard
In The Shark Tank
I See A Lot Of Guppies
These Fools Are With The Funnies
And Be Fronting Like Their Something
I'm Knowin That Their Phony
I Hear The Way They Talk
Take My Kindness For Blindness
I See Through The Facade
Any Fraudulent G
Could Finger Fuck A Glock
Even Desperate Muthafuckers
Curb Serve 'Em The Block
There's Tension On The Yard
My Bangers On Point
Shit An Ese Can't Mention
That Goes Down In The Joint
This World's Hella Different
From The One That You're Livin'
Respect Isn't Given
And Shit Is What It Isn't
Take The Time To Listen
To Every Word That I'm Spittin'
If You Ever Been To Prison
Then You Seen From My Position
I'm From A Long Line
Of Those Down With The Sickness
Married To The Game
And Never Breaking My Commitment
I Ain't Spittin' Fiction
My 2 Eyes Have Witnessed
How These Piece Of Shit Homies
Defect Like Straight Bitches
Over Drug Debts
Career Cease Existence
No Longer With The Business
And Will Never Be Forgiven
No Longer For The Cause
Surrounded By Some Snitches
The Streets Are Gonna Miss Those
Who Exist Amongst The Dick List
Eyeing And You'll Die - -??
You Can't Handle Your Addiction
To Paper Chase In Prison
Is A Fucked Up Existence
Cause They Ain't Chasin' Dollas
They Chasin' That Black
That Sends A Lot Of Camaradas
Where There Ain't No Comin' Back
For A 50 Dollar Paper
I'll Never Understand It
Keep Em - Fry 'Em A Lamb
Even When I'm In The Slammer
Ain't No Monkey On My Back
And My Arm Ain't Got A Track
I Blowed It Decoded
Banging Flores Fuck Rap
One Of The Hardest Artist
Since The Day That I Started
Disregarding All The Sorry Ass
Chicano Rap Garbage
Can't Comprehend The Cause
Like I Don't Understand These Broads
Milk 'Em, Fuck 'Em & Duck 'Em
Chop 'Em Up As Loss
Riding Fat Girls All Day
Cause They Paid Like They Weigh
I'm Pre-paid On Pay Day
Just To Say Hey
And I Am Not Fazed
By The Games That They Play
Its About To Go Down
Mayday - Mayday - Mayday
She Sends Me Naked Pictures
Its All Bad
Saggy Ass Tits
And A Golf Ball Ass
Man I Could Spit The Statement
Til I'm Blue In The Face
And No Matter What I Say
Fools Gon' Usually Hate
If You Never Met The Streets
Or Stood On Your Own Feet
Then You'll Never Understand
A Fucking Word I Speak
I'm A Still Do Me
Take It Out Of Context
Give A Fuck About
A Popularity Contest
I'm That Little Ghetto Boy
Who Needed Understandin’
Wiped Away My Tears
And Play The Cards I Was Handed
I Been Through The Worst
I Stil Rose Above It
The Statement Part 2
You Could Like It Or Love It

This Be The Realest Shit I Ever Wrote
Shady Boy Homie
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2013 Homie - Its All Me
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Real Shit - Real Talk
Shady Boy One Of The Realest
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