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Lyrics: Stomper - Aztlan Is The Truth

Lyrics For Stomper's "Aztlan Is The Truth" Song From His "Once Upon A Time In America" Album.


Verse 1:
Its About Time I Told You All A Story
About The Land That We Live In
It's Up To Us To Make A Difference
Start Educating Our Children
Time To Take A Deeper Look
In To These History Books
We've Been Brainwashed From The System
Of Politicians & Crooks
How Can You See The Bigger Picture?
Got You Walking Around Blind
Just Take A Look & You Will Find
They're Trying To Program Your Mind
And Everything You Ever Learned About
Our Country Is Lies
They're Trying To Take Away Our Rights
And All Our Values Of Life
1775 - The Revolution's A Lie
And Its Like Boom Deja Vu
It's 2009
And It's The Same Kind Of Crime
Nothing Changed But The Time
Our Founding Fathers Were From Other Countries
Open Your Eyes
Watch 'Em Divide & Conquer Us
For Hundreds Of Years
Separated Us From Our Peers
Manipulated With Fear
Robbed Us All Of Our Identity
So We Don't Know The Truth
And Try To Cover Any Clues
Of Our Indigenous Roots
It's Time To Educate Ourselves
Try To Unite So We Rise
A Modern Day Apocalypto
Steady Kill Our Own Kind
It's Called Genocide Homie
Another Sign Of The Times
Killed & Slaughtered Off By Tribes
Stripped Our Families Of Pride
Enslaved Us & Never Gave Us
Any Kind Of Respect
Stole Our Land & Spread Famine
They Brought Us Nothing But Death
English Isn't Our True Language
Ese Neither Is Spanish
Made An Ancient Civilization
Vanish Clear Off The Planet
They Called Us Savage
We Were Far More Deeper Than That
Intelligent & Talented
We Knew The Stars Like A Map
One With The Universe & God
Mexica Mayan Descent
Olmec Nican tlaca
The True Indigenous Men
The Maya Built Pyramids
That Left To Travel Through Time
Is The End Of Our Ride
True Master Of The Mind
Naturally One With The Earth
Now We'll Forever Disconnected
Our Inner Powers To Work
Now They'll Gon' Keep On Telling You
This Is The Home Of The Brave
You Better Check Your Fucking Books
It's The Home Of The Slaves
Land Of The Free
But The Shits More Like
The Land Of The Disease
Land Of Rape - Mass Murder
Discrimination & Greed
Economic Corruption
Plastered With Strategic Inflation
System Of Federal Bankers
A Nation For The Freemasons

We Remain A Constant People
Now You Think You Have A Destiny To Fulfill  In This Land
That Historically Been Ours For 40,000 Years
And We're A New Mestizo Nation
This Is Our Homeland
We Can Not - We Will Not
And We Must Not Be Made Illegal In Our Own Homeland
We Are Not Immigrants That Came From Another Country To Another Country
We Are Migrants Free To Travel The Late & Great Of The Americas
Well Because We Belong Here
We Are Millions
We Just Have To Survive
We Have An Aging White America
They Are Not Making Babies
They Are Dying

Verse 2:
So Where The Fuck You Think You Goin'?
You Don't Know Where You're From
Sacrificial To The Sun
Cross Full Of Aztec Blood
New Age Weapons Of Destruction
Spreading Terror & Mayhem
Television Got Em Brainwashed
And Nobody Can Save 'Em
They Created As A Nation
Of Controversial & Slavery
Out-Dated Miss-Educated
They Wanna See Us Go Crazy
No Job Application
Economic Inflation
Psychological Warfare
Sanitary Your Station
Confidential Conversations
Taking Down Information
Funerals & Court Cases
Seeing Death In Its Traces
Whole World Is A Grave Yard
Ghost Town It Is In
Historical Battlegrounds
Like The Day Of The Dead
Military Militias
Straight From The Heart Of Aztlan
Brown & Proud Like Cervantes
Lopez & Beltran
Villa - Zapata - Chavez
Had To Fight To Survive
They Don't Wanna See Us Rise
They're Trying To Poison Our Mind
They Nearly Killed Off
99.9% Of Our Kind
Pure American Hypocrisy
Guilty Of All Our Own Crimes
Its Like Once Upon A Time
I Fell Into The Trap
But I Came Back With A Tat
And A Big Ass Strap
And That's The Last Fucking Time
You Taxing Me For A Sack
Next Time You Hear The Drums Of War
You Bout To Strike Back
Watch Me Attack

(Outro Dialog)
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