Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - Amapola

Lyrics For Conejo's "Amapola" Song From His "Undisputed" Mixtape.

Verse 1:
 Everyone I Ever Knew
Is Doing Life
Ese Bang Bang Bang
Got You In My Sight
Now Its Handled
They Say My Tone Is Rowdy
On A 3 Way Call
Ese Direct From The County
There's A Bounty
I'm On A Fugitive List
I Was Drafted To The Hood
I'm A Number 1 Pick
So I'm Clappin' If You Yappin'
Always Packin'
Eyes Low Muthafucka
On The Creep We Jackin'
Say Word
Is Said To All My G's
I'm With My Loved Ones
Tokin' On That Chronic Weed
Yes Indeed
I Got Some Tats In My Cell
Did My Time Came Home
And Got Connected With Hell
They Say I Get Stupid
Off Patron & Perico
I'm Rolling With The Tokers
The Midgets - The Chicos
Ride Off
To Where The Bitches Be
Gold D's - 6-3's
Homie 2-1-3's
Have A Shoot Out
With The Enemies
And Bury Muthafuckas
Ese Right On The Scene
My Rhyme Style
Is A 9 Millimeter
High Definition
The Music Is Theater
A Stranger In The Night
Like I'm Frank Sinatra
With 25 Killers
Come Spray The Opera
That's A Wrap
So Fuck What You Feel
I Climb Through The Window
Competition Get Killed
Hood Riches
I'm A Spoon Full Of Tar
Nodding Out In Your Car
That's Who We Are
I'm Surrounded By Choppers
I Came Up To The Roof
And Started Bustin' At Choppas
The Feds Wanted More
Had To Give Em Their Fix
The Feds In The Bushes
Snapin' A Flick
He Stepped On Shit
Then My Pit Attack Em
Ese Had To Call It Off
He Was Ready To Blast Em
My Dog Named Saddam
He Purple Ribbon
Muthafuckas Wanna Get Me
They Was Shocked I Was Living
Assassination Attempts
On Top Of My Cases
DNA Never Match
That's Why I Laughed In Their Faces
Many Mazes
That They Follow Me Through
Ese Out The Back Door
In To A Silver Cope
The Route I Took
Took Me Right To The Spot
Car Stash Open Up
You Could Buy What You Want
It Never Stop
El Negocio Controla
Muthafuckas Want The Tar
Coming From Amapola
Nunca Falla
There's Always Someone That Want It
And Someone In The Slums High As Fuck
They Stay On It

Conejo & Venom (Outro):
Hold Up, Hold Up
There's A Customer Right Here
Ey Whats Up Holmes?
How Much You Want?
Yeah I Got What You Need
Let Me See The Money
Its All There Right?
Alright, Here

Ey Conejo La Neta
Ahí Viene La Jura
Trucha Homie

Oh Alright, Alright
I Got This, I Got This
I See Them
Hey Check This Out
If You Need A Fix
Then We Live & Direct
From The Felony Case Entertainment Studios Homeboy
AKA Hotel California

Haha Damn Homie La Neta
That Shit Sounds Fucken Bad Homie
You Gonna Fuck Fools Up With This Shit Homie
La Neta

Shout Out To The Homie Y-Be (Lil Yogi)
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Can't Forget About Southland
Mister D - Big Creeper What Up?
MC Pancho - Oso Vicious
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