Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - Going Off Like That

Lyrics For Conejo's "Going Off Like That" Song From His "Undisputed" Mixtape.

Notorious Enemy Felony Case
Against All Odds
I'm C-O-N Bitch
Check It
(Even Though What We Do Is Wrong)

Verse 1:
They Told My Ass
That I Wouldn't Be Shit
But I’m The Underdog
In This C Rap Shit
Got Pockets Full Of Stones
They Say I’m Skitz
Got Labels Cutting Checks
Or I’m Cracking The Whip
They Ducking Strays
The Projectile Sprayed
I’m Flying Through The West
Bomb Toke In My Chest
I’m In Your Region
I Leave You Paraplegic
Its Def Con One
Nickel Plated Strategic
Getting Chippers
Rope Chains And Grillz
Ese Pimp Cup Filled
Got A Vato On Tilt
36 - 26
36 In The Six
A Thick Ass Bitch
About To Feed Her My Dick
And All I Know Is Hate
Like There Ain’t No Love
Ese Conejo Luciano
Break The Law I'm Above
Gat Burst
Your Pulled Away In A Hurst
Homie Rocks In My Mouth
Posted Up On The Curb
I Reside In The West
I Reside In The East
I Hustle In The South
Come Home For The Beats
Ill Smoke You
You Don't Want It With Us
Cold Night Nueva York
Loco Spark Me A Dutch
The Cush Stuffed
I’m The Host Of The Show
Turn Ladies Into Hoes
When I Drive I Get Blows
You Never Know
Homie She Could Be Yours
I Push Up On Your Dame
Doggy Style On The Floor
With The Flow Of A Felon
Narcotic Selling
Muthafucker Catch A Case
From The Jail House Bailing
I’m Murdering Shit
So Baby Girl Don’t Trip
Then Run And Tell Your Man
That I Smashed Your Shit
All You See Through Vatos
You In Surgery
I Rip They Ass To Shreds
For The Perjury
So Stop Right There
And Rewind My Vision
Got The Fiends Lined Up
Cooking More In The Kitchen
This The Aftermath
Of A Shady Record
Ese Rabbs Affiliated
With That L.A. Sector
Hannibal Lecters
Decipher The Lecture
Too Much Thorazine
Carried Out On The Stretcher
While Them Old School Bitches
Trying To Get At My Riches
Talk Game To Your Nieces
Ghetto Models They Stripping
Syrup Sipping
Had A Cell Phone In Prison
Hate Crimes On A Witness
See The Victim Inflict Em
I Really Do This
You Fucken Silly Buffoon
My Crazed Filled Eyes
Stay Scanning The Room
Its Going Down Now
You Better Leave It Alone
You Don’t Know What I’m Talking
Drop The Top Off Your Dome
Its Like This Though
I’m The Last Man Standing
Ese Bad Guys Back
In The Rap Game Slanging
Step Down
And Kiss The Pinky Ring
Or That 4 - 5 Ruger
Is Coming Out Of The Wing
I’m The Realest Muthafucker
In The Game Right Now
I’m A Tell You Fucken Bitches
How Its Going Down
Ese High Caliber
Camma Gangster Shit
Homie Been Checking Rappers
Since 96
So Ask Gonzalez
About The Fucken Fusion
This The West Los Car
So There Ain’t No Confusion
Roll Call
Heroin Yesca Perico
Plus The Synthetic Meth
Bout To Eat Up Your Flesh
But Now Its Time To Jet
To The Next I.D.
And For The Real Muthafuckers
I’m A Keep This G
And I Bet
You Wont Skip A Track
Cause C Mack 11
Is Going Off Like That

Damn Right
I'm Undisputed
Underground Kingpin Of All This Shit
Where All The True Rhyme Spitters At?
C-Loco El Mas Buscado
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