Friday, July 19, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - I Bring The Ruckus

Lyrics For Conejo's "I Bring The Ruckus" Song From His "Undisputed" Mixtape.

 Esto Es Para Ustedes
You Know I'm Sayin'?
I Don't Even Know You Homies
But Rest Assured
It's All For You

Verse 1:
I Bring The Ruckus
My Clicka All In The Front
I Go Robbin' Enemies
Like A Treasure Hunt
Light A Blunt
And Reunite With My Lungs
I Got Two 4-5
That Speaking In Tongues
I'm King C-Loco
The Fucken Ruler
I Drop More Music
And I Get That Mulla
I'm Cooler
Than Your Average Shoota
You Could Look Me Up
Laptop Computers
Body Scars
Tell A West Side Story
I'm A One Ton Stone
Fresh Out Of The Quarry
Is Deadly Boy
Its Like I'm Alphonse Capone
From Illinois
So Careful What You Speak
My Mentality Riot
I'm Just Trying To Live
And Sleep In The Hyatt
So Quiet
I Speak The Fatal Words
Like Kill A Muthafucka
He Was Short On The Bird
So Shame On A Trapper
Dry Snitching On A Rapper
Cause I'm Number 1
And Your Ass Be A Actor
Gun Clappa
Hollows In The Chamber
I Could Tell You Right Now
That Your Life's In Danger
Night Vision
Then I Went On A Mission
I'm High As It Get
But I Hit With Precision
I Punish Em Severe
Astronomical Years
That's Anywhere I Go
Around The Sphere
Shank Holder
I'm A River Boulder
I'm Older When I'm Colder
With The Chip On My Shoulder
As Your Fear
From São Paulo
We Met At Carnaval
Fucked In Less Than A Hour
Ese War Projected
I'm A Coming Storm
Ese Autumn Was The Season
That I Was Born
My Dog Take Shits
On All Your Lawns
So Fuck A Snake Pit
That's Full Of You Pawns
Ese Rabbit Coming First
No One Coming Second
And Maybe That's Because
I'm A Force To Reckon
Ese Weapon Get Passed
By The Label Staff
I Trust In my Guns
Not The Golden Calf
Its Simple
But A Mystery To Most
So Let Me Diagnose
Give A Lethal Dose
Have You Ever
Seen A Man On Meth?
Hope Tomorrow Get Better
But Its Not With Death
C Roca
An Impossible Triumph
Got The Game In My Clutches
Muthafuckas Is Dying
They Tumble
Than The Cookie Crumble
What You Know About A Fight?
Where The Whole Block Rumble
Ese Felony Assassin
With A Open Case
You Been Warned
Loco Right To Your Face
My Hiding Place
The Center Of The Planet
I Engrave My Rhymes
On This Fucken Granite

Its Like I'm There
But I'm Really Not There
You Feel Me?
And I Miss The Game
That's Why I Flush It My Boy
Know I'm Sayin'?
If I Really Wanted To
I Go To War With Any Fucken Rapper Out There Right Now
And They Knowin'
On Some Real Shit
Pero Pa' Que?
I'm Already The King
Who The Fuck Is Seeing Me Anyways?
Los Hago Pedazos
And That's On The Ache
So I'm A Sit Back
? Going On Out There
Till Its My Turn
To Step Up To The Mic
Till Its Curtain Falls On These Muthafuckas
Its Like Nothing Else Need To Be Said

The Undisputed Mixtape
Notorious Enemy - Felony Case
This Shit Is Gangsterific
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