Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - Im Wicked

Lyrics For Conejo's "Im Wicked" Song From His "Undisputed" Mixtape.

I Wanna Record hehehe
Daddy You Crazy
But I Love You
Lets Do This Yo

I'm Wicked
I'm Wicked
I'm Wicked
I'm Wicked

Its Like I Said Muthafuckas
I'm The Undisputed Lyrical Assassin

Verse 1:
Its Atrocious
The Way I Flood The Block
A Bad Muthafucka
Homie Round The Clock
Alright Then
This Is Wicked
Dip Your Sig
In This Potent Liquid
In The Building Hall Way
Living Foul
I Do This All Day
An Inferno Full Of
I'm OG Sinful
For That Name You Choose Off
My Territory
Its Vicious Dog
I'm The Start Of Your End
Cause My Instinct Raw
Its Hellish
Its In The Way I'm Creeping
Get Fear To Survive
Or You'll Be Dead By The Weekend
I Import - Export
On The Side I Extort
A Midnight Vulture
Up In Front Of Your Door
Loco Patiently
Its A Perfect Plot
Who Gon' Pray For Me?

I'm Wicked
I'm Wicked
I'm Wicked
I'm Wicked

Look At The Way I Kick It
I'm Wicked
Look At The Way I Kick It
I'm Wicked

(Get That Shit)

Verse 2:
Go Into The Archives
And Get The Demo
I'm Red Belly Sea
Like I Was A Devil
When The Cobra Strike
The Venom Injected
Enter Dark Murder Thoughts
I Never Suspected
With Diabolic Plans
I'm Demonic With A Twist
Let Me Snort This Gram
Of Coca
I Got You All In Suspense
Its Tense When I Bust
When The Drama Commence
They're Monstrous
The Sound You Hear
With The 50 Desert Eagle
Right Next To Your Ear
I'm Nefarious
You The Scariest
Lame Muthafucka
In The Game This Year
The Hood Raised Me
With Prison Trips
Its A Eye For An Eye
You Get Dealt With Quick
My Style Vile
Thee Unholy Hour
They Recognize Me
He's One Of Ours
The Gat Keep Spittin
When They After Me
They Put Me In A Cell
I Got a Hand Cuff Key

I'm Wicked
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