Friday, July 19, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - One Two Three Four

Lyrics For Conejo's "One Two Three Four" Song From His "Undisputed" Mixtape.

I Be Dropping These Records
Like Muthafucken Dominoes Homeboy
Dudes Over Here Working On This Shit For Like Years
Showing Weakness
Talking About They Trying To Get A Buzz Going
Before They Push Something Out
Fool If You Don't Have One By Now
You'll Never Have One
Get The Fuck Outta Here With That Garbage

Verse 1:
You Ain't Selling Keys
Why You Telling Them Lies
You Ain't Got Nothin'
On These Mobster Rhymes
You Don't Roll With G's
Fool You Must Be High
And You Ain't Bout Nothin'
This Is L.A. Times
Ese There Goes The Ratchet
If You Got A Problem
Time To Bury The Hatchet
Hole Too Big
For You Try To Patch It
Better You Than Me
187 Go Catch It
I - Am - The Puppet Master
Ese Pulling All The Strings
Come To Papa You Bastards
So - I
Can Show You The Ropes
Ese Musica Asesina
On Your Neck With The Rope
Hang Me Like Saddam
Ese Assalamu Alaikum
Like The Holy Quran
Ese Run Forest Run
As Fast As You Can
Cause If My Bullet Catch You
It Gon Bury You Man
Ese Right Where You Stand
Do You Understand?
I Sucree Melatonin
From The Pineal Gland
That Means I'm Bad
On Every Track
And Give The Opposition
A Panic Attack
That's My Plan Of Attack
Ain't No Looking Back
I Let Off With The Mac
Put It Back In The Stash
I Dash
Across The Finish Line
You See What You Want
I See Dollar Signs
A Smooth Hustle
Like Sonny Blue & Z
It's Still Gang Profit
With B - A - D
And It's Still High Cali
With Ernie G.
All I Need Is A Mic
And A Bag Of Trees
These - Are
The Final Days
I'm A Righteous Muthafucker
With Some Evil Ways
I - Know
You Dig My Raps
Cause No One Sound Like Me
On The Fucken Map
That - Is
A Simple Fact
That Everything I Drop
In The Street Impact
It Leave Craters
That Could Make You Extinct
No Sleeping On The Job
I Dare You To Blink
And Everyone Saying
You The Weakest Link
I Don't Give A Fuck
If You Covered In Ink
It Mean Nada
If It Wasn't Earned
Been Around For A Minute
Ese Ain't You Learned?
I Return
You Should Be Concerned
Cause If I Open Up The Gates
In Hell You'll Burn
This Meeting Is Adjourned
Till My Blunt Is Done
Then Its Back To Massacres
When My Time Is Up
Machine - Gun
I Still On The Run
You Weigh Less Than A Feather
I'm A Metric Ton
That Means You Done
Slide Over Your Hunt
Here's A 8 Ball Of Glass
For You To Get Spun

Then Its One - Two
Three To The Four
They Got The Block Surrounded
Feds At My Door
Five - Six
Seven & Eight
They Kick In The Door
But They Hours Late
Then Its One - Two
Three To The Four
They Got The Block Surrounded
Feds At My Door
Five - Six
Seven & Eight
They Kick In The Door
But They Hours Late

You A Bunch Of Fucken Dick Riding Ass Rappers
Get On With That
I Ain't Trying To Listen To That Bullshit
The Real Deal
Shout Out The Northeast Homies
Dee - Zapata The Ghost
Big Guz - S.D.
Thief Sicario - Cam-Capone
With The Business
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