Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lyrics: Conejo - Popping Off At The Venue

Lyrics For Conejo's "Popping Off At The Venue" Song From His "Undisputed" Mixtape.

Oh, Its Like That G Rabbs?
Pop Pop Pop
Yeah, You Damn Right Its Like That
Pop Pop Pop

Verse 1:
Its Popping Off At The Venue
With The Mic In My Palm
Muthafuckas Lose Their Mind
Mac-11 Stay Calm
I Specialize - In Wrecking A Beat
Count The Money
Here's Your Work
But You Get No Receipt
I Pitch Rocks
Then Strike Out Your Batter
Ese One Shot
And His Dome Get Splattered
I Jump Out With The Thing
Head Of Time You Should've  Known
Ol Boy Got Wings
Ese Musica Asesina
Where You At? Come On
We Gotta Cut Em Down
Like We Mowin The Lawn
C Roca
That's My Alias
Homie Heavyweight Raps
Around The Radius
(I Run All This Bitch)
I Observe
Then For Sure I Squeeze
Ese No Gun Charge
I Invade With Ease
Sucka Please
These Extended Clips
I Put Some Holes In Your Whip
Then I'm Dickin' Your Bitch
I Drive Up
(All Up In That Bitch Homie)
The Windows Tinted
Somebody Came Up On The Stash
Where I Had It Hidden
That's How I'm Livin'
Sunny Day Turn Shady
Got Rid Of My Lady
And I Kept The Baby
You Just Average
Trukos Sicker Than Yall
Tear Down What You Build
And Watch You Crawl
You Make A Call
Like A Snitch & Rat
Ese Gat To Your Wig
Go Blap Blap Blap
That's A Fact
Your Whole Street Get Jacked
Killas Came For The Package
5 AM Exact
I Spit Raw
About Dope & Loot
Ese Pull Up To My Trial
In A 3 Piece Suit
That's What I Do
Anything For The Change
My People So Psychotic
Berserk & Derange
It's Not Strange
We Just Cheatin This Death
By Using Any Substance
Like Coke & Meth
I'm Smackin' Rappers
With The Burner
Like Ike To Turner
Ese Messin' With My Funds
G Rabbs A Earner
Don't Push It
You Get Stung With The 50
You Fievel Muthafuckas
Ask The Killas That With Me
If The Money Is Dirty
I Know How To Wash It
You Don't Want Nothin'
I Suggest That You Watch It
Scarface Dos
The Life I'm Livin'
Always Keep Me Awake
Felony Case
Smash All Court Dates
I'm The Baddest Muthafucker
In The Whole Damn Place
I Count My Guns
Then I'm Out To Shoot
Body Bagging Competition
Its How I Settle Disputes
This A Problem
Leave You Lone In The Casket
Homie P-S-3
Last Level I Pass It
Green Paper
It Came After The Caper
If Feds Put A Tail
Then To Hell I'm A Take Em

Its Popping Off At The Venue
Fool I Thought You Knew
Bout To Smoke A Muthafucker
If He Look At My Crew
That's What I Do
When It Need To Be Done
Now Put In My Cassette
Push Play My Son

Running All This Shit
Angel Of Death
C-Mack 11
I'm Undisputed
What? You Want The Title?
Then What The Fuck You Waiting For?
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